Alien Species

Ketes are large, insectoid creatures indigenous to the forest moon of Endor. They live in huge hives and are ruled over by a queen.


They have red eyes, pincer-like hands and feet, and a pair of long thin antennae. Queens have four arms and legs, while workers have only two.

They are most well-known for producing a substance called Kete nectar, which they transport within spherical containers known as "nectar pearls".

Culture and society[]

Kete nests are huge tower-shaped structures surrounded by a moat of sticky liquid to prevent intruders from trespassing. The nest's entrance is located way above ground-level, and the external walls are smooth enough to make it very difficult for creatures other than the Ketes themselves to climb them.


  • It is possible that they are related to the similarly-named Ruby-Throated Kete, despite the latter being from Bellassa; it is also possible, however, that their names are similar due to their overall similar design, in a same fashion as to how War Wasps are named after wasps of Earth, despite the two not being genetically related.