The KessRith are a spacefaring race of conquerors from the Milky Way galaxy in the Renegade Legion universe.

KessRith (from Renegade Legion, The Roleplaying Game)


When the KessRith first encountered the Ssora, they had already begun their expansion into space using generational ships. After destroying the Ssora ship, the KessRith reverse engineered the Tachyon-space drive and by 2589 AD had a Tachyon-space fleet with which to wage their wars of conquest. The first victims were the Ssora from which they took many worlds.

Upon encountering Humans in 3214 AD, they determined them to be far more worthy foes than the Ssora and made them their focus. For 3,000 years they waged war against the humans, with the Ssora allying with the KessRith. After the Snow Plague of 5029 AD devastated humanity, the KessRith swept the human worlds (and those of the human-like Naram and the human / Baufrin Commonwealth.

After the Terran uprising led by Alexander Trajan in the late 66th century, they lost the human worlds soon after to his forces. When the New Roman Republic which he established in 6584 AD by Trajan was turned into a totalitarian empire by his successor in 6681 AD, the KessRith Empire allied with the multi-species democratic Commonwealth.


They are a reptilian race that look like a centaur-like cross between an iguana and rhino with bony plates shark-like teeth, and a tail. KessRith have a 100 year lifespan and mature at 15 years, though because of their lifestyle and occupations few reach 100 years. The females are able to induce pregnancy if they have any sperm stored inside.


KessRith have a warrior society that values combat above everything else, and they do not respect any society that does not value combat in the same manner. Even their art is mostly an expression of their martial values.

Extended polygamous clans with 1000s of members are what make up KessRight society. Families within the clan consists of a male with 1-5 wives and the number of wives is based on their rank within the clan, which is determined by the Dominator who leads the clan. The clans into turn combine into herds which are led by Patriarchs. Though the men lead the clans and herds, KessRith society is egalitarian and the females are treated as equals, including in the military.

Clan wars are common among the KessRith. Previously battles between the clans was on the battlefield. Now they wage financial war against each other, which has been described by humans as a hybrid of corporate raiding and organized crime wars. Duels between KessRith are also an acceptable part of KessRith society.


KessRith clans unite into meta-clans (Unities), resulting in groups that include military, financial, political, and manufacturing clans. The ruling clans of the world send representatives to the Diet of the province which their world corresponds to, and the Diet in turn sends representatives to the Council of Champions.

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