The Kel Dor are a formidable race of mammalian humanoids native to the planet Dorin. They have enlarged, external sensory organs located at the base of their skulls, which allow them to interpret basic external stimuli as well as extrasensory input. They evolved breathing the unusual mixture of gases in Dorin's atmosphere, which include helium and a unique gas found only on Dorin; and can not survive on oxygen-rich planets. Thus, those Kel Dor who travel to other worlds must wear a sophisticated pair of goggles and an anti-oxygen mask whenever they are off-world. Since most beings never travel to Dorin, they never see the true appearance of a Kel Dor individual. Most Kel Dor are tall and relatively thin beings. The face of a Kel Dor is hairless, with deep-set eye sockets, thin noses, and a toothless mouth.

As a people, the Kel Dor are known for their compassion and kind-heartedness, but also for the swift justice they mete out whenever necessary. It is believed that those individuals with silver irises to their eyes are very sensitive to the Force, but there has not been any definitive relationship identified. The Kel Dor society is based on the family, with several generations living together and often participating in the same trade for decades. However, the choice of a career is never cast in stone, and any individual who wishes to pursue a career outside of the family business is not discouraged.

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