The Kel-Azaan are a race of warriors hailing from the savannah world of Azak.

Arthropoid normal 08 (1)

Biology Edit

Originally solitary predators hunting the almost innumerable herds of prey in the great plains of Azak, Kel-Azaan incorporated many of their hunting tactics into their martial traditions. During this time of ignorance the Kel-Azaan were often seen either stalking the watering holes of the plains or chasing their prey through the thick grasslands of their homeworld. Their species eventually came together in bands to take down larger prey thus giving birth to sapience. The Kel-Azaan have a thick carapace encompassing their entire body, protecting them from the worst of injuries and attacks. Their mouths are separated in parts, 2 limb-like graspers,several exterior sharp protrusions covering the mouth opening that cut food up and then their mouth opening.

Government&Culture Edit

Since the beginning of their spark of intelligence, the Kel-Azaan have been warriors and have fought many terrible wars across the globe only to recently leave their solitary city-state lifestyle and come together to colonize the stars. Their martial traditions affect every part of their civilization, from the time they are hatched to the last breathe they take on the battlefield. Unlike most species or governments with warrior cultures, they are in fact a democratic people; they have never fully adopted any sort of authoritarian or monarchical society. After leaving the safety of Azak, they started to again rely on their martial prowess and traditions to protect themselves from the many assailants inhabiting the galaxy. It was with these threats, the Kel-Azaan formed the Kel-Azaan Republic, a democratic society founded upon civil duty and honor. All citizens in the republic are required to serve in the military when they are old enough in order to gain citizenship.

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