Keema's species are an unnamed race of sapients with a hideously strange appearance. They have bloated heads, flabby orange skin with a texture that makes it look like they're melting, a wide lipless mouth and asymmetrically arranged eyes. Their technology includes means to physically alter their appearance.

This race has been engaged in a long war against their arch-enemies, the Zedams, with both sides refusing to concede to the other's proposals, resorting to armed conflict instead. Fortunately, though, both races have long figured out a way to avoid unnecessary destruction on their homeworlds and colonies: instead of fighting with armies, each side will rather send their highest military leader on a single spaceship to combat each other on an uninhabited world such as Gamma VI.

Keema considers the Human appearance utterly disgusting and takes no qualms about unnecessarily killing Humans; such is his hatred for the species. It isn't known whether other members of the race share this attitude.


  • Lost in Space:
    • s02e15 - "The Golden Man"
    • s03e12 - "A Day at the Zoo" (cameo)


  • A form similar to this species (identical in fact, with the exception of having humanoid hands) was the first one assumed by the alien Arcon in "The Galaxy Gift". Strangely, Arcon suffers from atmospheric poisoning due to the high concentration of oxygen in Gamma VI's atmosphere while under this form; despite the fact that Keema had never shown or mentioned even the smallest discomfort while on the planet.
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