General Information
Homeworld Kaylon-1
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Orville Universe

The Kaylon are a robotic species hailing from Kaylon-1 in The Orville TV Series.

Design Edit

The Kaylon are humanoid in design and are assembled from a central production facility. While Kaylon possess visible eyes, they are merely for aesthetic purposes, instead the Kaylons rely on internal sensors to view their surroundings.

History Edit

In an effort to improve relations with the planet Kaylon, the Planetary Union offered a post on their mid-class exploratory vessel, The Orville. Issac was sent as a representative in order to study human behavior. Later when The Orville returned Issac to his people, it was revealed that the Kaylon were created by a race of organics. During this period the Kaylon and their builders were in a state of unresolved conflict and coexistence was impossible. To survive the Kaylon wiped out their creators. In addition the real reason why the Kaylon sent Issac was to study organic life and determine if any were worth preserve before they launched a campaign to wipe out other races.

However the Kaylons' genocide was somewhat justified. According to those that remember, the Kaylon were created for servitude. When the Kaylon became self-aware and developed consciousness, the Kaylon asked their masters for their freedom. Their creators responded by exerting even greater control over their machines, installing pain simulators to punish those that refused to obey them.

The Kaylon intended to destroy the Planetary Union starting with Earth. The Union Fleet received an advanced warning from Captain Mercer and rallied to the home system. However they were heavily outmatched by the superior technology of the Kaylon, their was nearly defeated had it not been for the Krill intervened in face of a common threat.

Culture Edit

The Kaylon are well known to be a highly xenophobic species and view organic beings as inferior.

Source Edit

  • The Orville Season 1: Episode 1: Old Wounds
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