The Katarthans are an alien species from the DC Universe.

Biology Edit

A race of yellow skinned humanoid aliens. Originally an alien race of people comparable in height to humans, but were subjected to radiation from a leak in their ship's engine, which was powered by a white dwarf star fragment and shrank them.

Background Edit

The Katarthans crash landed in the Amazon jungle. Their white dwarf star lens and astro gyroscope was in disrepair, and the resulting radiation shrank them. Marooned on Earth the Katarthans established a new home and named it Morlaidh.

The Atom discovered the and remained with the Katarthans for a little over a year, reigning as their ruler. Alas all the Katarthans in the settlement were wiped out when the CIA firebombed that section of the Amazon.

Appearances Edit

  • Sword of the Atom Issue 001
  • Sword of the Atom Issue 002
  • Sword of the Atom Issue 003
  • Sword of the Atom Issue 004
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