Karzahni was a powerful being from the Bionicle Universe, and the "brother" of Artakha, and the ruler of the island realm of Karzahni.

Background Edit

Karzahni as created alongside Artakha by the Great Beings before the creation of Mata Nui’s spirit. The two brothers were given their own realms to govern by their creators. While Artakha chose to make his realm a place where good and exception Matoran would work in peace. Karzahni's realm would shelter Matoran that misbehaved and were in need of repair. The two brothers would fight over the Mask of Creation, with Artakha becoming the victor.

Karzahni's skill in repair Matoran were subpar compared to his brothers. To hide his shortcoming Karzahni upgraded the Matoran sent to his realm with weapons and sent them to the interior of the Southern Continent to hide his shame. Eventually the Turagha noticed that their Matoran charges never came back Karzahni and stopped sending them to his realm for repairs. Angered by this and n denial about his abilities, Karzahni isolated his realm. Karzahni soon became the Matoran equivalent of Hell and when it was rediscovered its master had been driven mad by his ego. After the Toa defeated him he was sentenced to the Pit by the Order of Mata Nui for his crimes.

After the Great Spirit Robot was damaged, Karzahni was among the Pit prisoners transported to Spherus Magna. He managed to escape his confinement and escaped into the wilderness. During his escape he was found by Veilka, a Great Being disguised as a Po-Matoran. He was one of the Great Being's victims in his ploy to seize power and rule the planet.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Karzahni was a powerful entity who wielded the Mask of Alternate Futures, allowing him to see possible futures. He was also mutated by Pit Mutagen and thus turned into a more horrid form.

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