The Karkinians are an intelligent insectoid species from the planet Karkinos. Despite being mostly peaceful and civilized, they are potentially dangerous as a species, as they possess "antenodes" that can be lashed out and easily kill a Human being. When feeling threatened, the Karninians (especially female ones) can easily lose their minds and become irrationally violent, often bloodily massacring their aggressors.

Members of this species typically stand on four limbs out of six. They have two pairs of beady black eyes, and a large maw filled with thousands of razor-sharp teeth surrounded by waving feelers. Their front limbs are asymmetrical: one of which having an enormous battle-claw. They also have tough armor protecting their bodies. The Karkinians lay their eggs underwater, but the youngsters crawl to land soon upon hatching. Their planet seems to be something of a touristic location and is a strategic point for intergalactic travel.


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