The Karibna are a race of genocidal aliens from the Wildstorm Universe.

Biology Edit

The Karibna are horrific creatures with three jaw mouths, resembling Xenomorphs from the Alien series. Though they stand upright on short stubby legs. They possess an armored exoskeleton and four limbs: two being arms with multiple claws and a pair of small pincer like limbs.

History Edit

The Karibna were once a proud, technologically advanced race, but their society crumbled under the weight of their own advances leading to their planet's depletion of natural resources. With the surface of their planet uninhabitable, an enormous space station was build to relocate the population. Though their advanced technology kept their civilization alive, their resources dwindled. Their great knowledge of technology slowly faded and soon adapted themselves to utilizing organic matter to sustain their society.

The Karibna were visited by a peaceful race of explorers from the stars who offered them knowledge and friendship. However rather than accepting the offer of peace, the Karibna only recognized a new resource of meat and bone. One of the aliens managed to send out a distress call, bringing a fleet of his brethren, unfortunately this race of aliens had long since forgotten warfare. The savage aliens quickly overcame the peaceful aliens, capturing the survivors who were dissected and converted into organic machinery to run their city.

The Karibna, knowing their captured alien ships would attract the attention of other sentient used the fleet of shiftships capture sentient's across the multiverse. Once a shiftship was filled to capacity it would return to the Karibna station, where its crew would be processed for harvest.

The Karibna sent out a beacon, calling forth the fleet of shiftships back to their station, one of the ships was the Carrier, the headquarters for the anti-hero team, the Authority. The Authority and a mass number of survivors that lived through the Collapse of all civilization on Earth came with the Carrier in hopes of finding a race that could revitalize their post-acpolaytic world. The few heroes aboard the Carrier were quickly captured along with the people that they were protecting. However a surviving intelligence of the alien explorers, managed to assist the Authority, by providing information on how to save their planet in return for putting out of its misery. Once the information transfer was complete the Authority freed their people and many races abused by the Karibna allowing them to escape on the captured shiftships. After securing the Carrier, a self-destruct mechanism was activate destroying the space station. The surviving Karibna gave chase to the Carrier on their remaining captured shiftships. Unwilling to let the Karibna follow them back to Earth, the Karibna were led to a gigantic space monster called the Mondregon.

Technology Edit

The Karibna were once a technologically adept race, but untold centuries upon an isolated station and very little material resources had caused them to lose their old knowledge. Using what little resources, such as themselves, it forced the Kariban to adapt in creating advanced bio-technology which they harness their own bio-energy and even farm their own kind and other races for sustenance. In fact their entire city is a gruesome horror: a combination of living materials fused to together in a city of genocide. Entire races captured from harvest converted into living factories that exhale oxygen. Tissues from living beings used to bind the streets and build. Their entire power grid is power by biocircuitry.


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