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The Karemma are a humanoid race native to the planet Karemma in Gamma Quadrant, and members of the Dominion.

First contact was made between the Karemma and the Ferengi in 2370. The Ferengi struck a trade deal with the Karemma, who agreed to purchase tulaberry wine from the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2371, Federation representatives aboard the USS Defiant approached the Karemma in an effort to contact the Founders.

In 2372, Karemma representative Hanok came aboard the Defiant to discuss trade disputes with the Federation. His ship and the Defiant were both attacked by Jem'Hadar and forced into the atmosphere of a gas giant. The Defiant eventually destroyed the Jem'Hadar and rescued the crew of the Karemman ship.

A secret code used by the Dominion during the Dominion War was based on the language of a primitive island-dwelling tribe on planet Karemma.