The Kanabo were an aggressive symbiotic species in TMNT Fast Forwad.

Biology Edit

The Kanabo are an infectious species staring out as purple ooze capable of bonding to other species making them hosts. True Kanabo are a mostly aqueous species capable of limited shapeshifting and viscosity.

New generations of Kanabo initially begin in the gene-seed stage. These gene-seeds are bonded to a caretaker b. biologically. The strength and power of the caretaker seem to be proportional to the number of healthy gene-seeds. Should the seeds be damaged it would adversely affect the one bonded to it. Once these gene-seeds are fully developed, a purple secretion from the seed is produced. This secretion is able to adapt and mutate any lifeform into a bipedal Kanabo.

Infection Edit

The Kanabo infection is absorbed into the host through skin contact. The host will undergo a mutation change with heighten sense of aggression and hunger pains. The DNA of the host will develop a photo-chemical mutagenic properties, causing the host cells to consume light to assist in the reconfiguration as Kanabo. These infected lifeform will produce the same purple mutagen substance that infected them. The host will later be entrapped in a harden purple cocoon, and once the host breaks free it will emerge as a a hideous monstrous purple spiked version of the host, becoming a Kanabo drone.

These drones, like the newborn gene-seeds are connected to the Kanabo caretaker and likewise share the same biological link.

However though the Kanabo DNA feeds on light, the unique ultraviolet lights filtered through the oxygenated atmosphere of Earth in 2105 seems to render the emerging symbiotisis of the gene-seeds inert, reverting the infected back to their former state.

Culture Edit

The Kanabo are a symbiotic species that ruthlessly move from planet to planet assimilating other races. One Kanabo is active to ensure that the newborn gene-seeds are cared for. The caretaker is link both by honor and biologically. Cenrral to the Kanabo psychology is the Day of Awakening in which the Kanabo's invasion of the world is at hand and when enough lifeforms are infected the populace and turned into global pandemic would engulf whatever world the Kanabo have invaded. The Kanabo proceed to deplete the planet's resources, until its runs dry and then move onto another world to repeat the process.

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