Alien Species

The Kambuchka evolved in the dense, fog-like atmosphere of a large planet. They see by feeling the atomic vibrations of their surroundings on their convoluted membrane bodies. The Kambuchka cannot move quickly in the atmosphere of their home world, so they evolved the ability to detect faraway living things, both to help them find food (they feed by filtering microscopic plants from the thick atmosphere of their world) and to help them avoid predators. They are so sensitive to the vibrations of living things that, in the absence of the opaque atmosphere of their home world, they are able to perceive very large concentrations of life at interstellar distances.

Starting Narrative[]

Your people, the Kambuchka, look to you for direction in their attempt to explore space. You are the Sense-Master, possessing the most highly-tuned senses of all Kambuchka. You are able to gather information and coordinate actions at an interstellar distance.

Your people await your wisdom. Help them develop the technology of space travel. Show them the way to the stars.

Special Ability[]

Clairvoyants: The Kambuchka can sense life forms from far away. You can see all alien home stars.