The Kamarians are a race of insectoids native to the planet Kamar, the Kamarians have a number of pairs of legs called brachia that support their chitinous exoskeleton. They have multifacted eyes, and a large prehensile tail that they use to sit on in conjunction with their lowermost pair of legs. Most Kamarians lived in the mountains of Kamar, while the Badlanders preferred to live in the deserts. Their color tends to mimic their surroundings - the Badland natives were pale and brown, while the mountain clans ahave more greens and dark browns. They have a unique form of communication, which involves various vocal clicks and whistles as well as way of interweaving their arms to create complex patterns. They also have an emerging technology, although they were a number of advances behind the majority of the galaxy. They have perfected the use of fluidics, as well as missile-based nuclear weapons. As a species, the Kamarians were largely nocturnal. Each subspecies of Kamarian was denoted by the physical characteristics of its carapace. The average lifespan of a Kamarian was about 125 years. During the Swarm War, large numbers of Kamarians volunteered to fight alongside their fellow insectoids, the Killiks.

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