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Kalrog Massimer Portrait
Kalrog Massimer
ID # 8712A/40-X
Universe Utopia: The Creation of a Nation Universe
Species Unknown Species of Antarean
Gender Male (Presumed)
Hair color None
Eye color Black
Homeworld Antares III
Affiliation Colony Project Senate, and by extension Commander Pacharelli

Kalrog Massimer is a 62-year-old civil engineer from the planet Antares III. He belongs to a species of unknown name, although they can presumably be clustered together with other species from the Antares system as Antareans.

Because of his planet of origin, his alliance with Humans, and the fact that his species does not appear to exist on Antares III during colonial development, it can be assumed that his species was wiped out by the Squiz-Quijy that are now found there.