General Information
Homeworld Parallel dimension
Habitat Dreamscape
Body Type Humanoid
Height Human-sized
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Roswell Conspiracies

The Kalincha are race of aliens that reside in a parallel dimension.

Biology Edit

Physically, they resemble four armed and cloaked humanoids with heads that can be described as a mix between a moth and a bird.

Culture and society Edit

A mysterious and musical race, the Kalincha, along with another benevolent being called the Spider Woman, reside in a parallel universe slightly out of sync with our own. Due to their obscurity, many races, including even the Banshee, regard them as a myth.

They form a central part in the lives of Trueblood's tribe, a Pueblo tribe known as the Chirauc, and send rain whenever the chief requests for it in the vision cave.

History Edit

At one point Trueblood attempted to capture a Kalincha under orders from Rinaker, interested in weaponized their powers. However he failed and was banished by the tribe.

Later Ruuk stole the Chirauc sacred map leading to the vision cave where the Trueblood's family communed with the Kalincha, the resulting conflict resulted in the death of Trueblood's father, One Fox. Using advanced VR technology, given to them by Rinaker, the Lycanthropes attempted to eradicate them.

Trueblood, Nick Logan, and Sl. While it seemed the Kalincha were massacred in the dreamscape, as it turned out the Lycanthrope's attack and destruction was an illusion, revealing that the Kalincha were never in danger, but that the trial was to help Trueblood make a choice between the Alliance and his tribe. In addition they warned him that evil existed within the Alliance.

One voluntarily allowed itself to be captured, so that Trueblood could use it to make Rinaker reunite a Pan family interned in the Alliance's prison. Rinaker completed his part of the agreement, and when he attempted to access the Kalincha into the computer system, it effortlessly broke free and disappeared after leaving the Alliance lab in ruins. Sh'lainn believed it to be a warning to Rinaker that some things were beyond the scope of the Alliance.

Appearances Edit

  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends, ep. 33, "Rain" (1999)

Notes Edit

  • The Kalincha are based on a legendary Pueblo spirit known as the Kachina.
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