Alien Species

Kalderans are a flightless avian species from the planet Kalderash in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud


The Kalderans are avian in biology (despite their strikingly reptilian appearance) they have a very lip-like beak filled with sharp teeth, they have a largely humanoid phenotype with only their heads being the outlier, their eyes are highly photosensitive meaning most Kalderans who venture off their homeworld need to wear goggles or other such eye coverings.

Kalderans have two sexes, with the females laying up to 2 eggs per cycle, and the males staying with the eggs during their gestation period (which could last from between 150 to 175 days).

Culture and Society[]

The Kalderans have a standard familial structure in which to adults raise a juvenile and the child maintains a connection with their parents well into adulthood.

Due to their earliest ancestors being pack hunters, Kalderan military tactics usually involve rushing in screaming, with blasters blazing.

The Kalderans are near insanely democratic among themselves but they are quite xenophobic to the other former members of the Systems Commonwealth, and they have an ambition to conquer the entirety of the Magellanic Clouds and will attack any other rival political entity who prevents them from doing so.


The Kalderans had a very calm early history, their first contact with another species was with the Vedrans who nearly exterminated the Kalderans, and later forced them to be apart of the Systems Commonwealth.

Following the Nietzschean uprising and the coming of The Long Night, the Kalderans began to expand their influence across Magellanic Clouds, brutally snuffing out any rival powers, such as the ill-fated Magellanic Alliance.