Kaldanes are a highly intelligent (if rather narrowly focused) race inhabiting a small area on Barsoom known as Bantoom and unknown to the outside world. During a great storm that ravaged much of the surface Tara of Helium became lost, she ended up in the land of Bantoom. After she escaped with the help of Gahan and the Kaldane Ghek knowledge of the race spread throughout Barsoom, and a member of the species could even be found in the royal zoo in Amhor

Biology and AttireEdit


The Kaldanes appear as over sized blue-grey heads, with six spider-like legs that they walk with when not using a rykor, as well as two symmetrical chelea that they use to eat. Their large bulging eyes are lidless, their noses nothing more than narrow slits, and their mouths round tooth filled holes described as being sphincter like. To control the rykor they use small tentacles that descend from their underside. Because of their current state they are reliant on rykors for most manual labor.

Lacking lungs they do not have to breath. Like most martians they have psychic abilities, although more adapted than the other races (however seemingly not as well developed as the Lotharians) they are able to control rykors and other humans with their minds, this power seems to be greater in kings.

The Kaldanes have through breeding been able to raise what would normally be instinct into a form of hereditary memory.

The king Kaldanes differ, the kings are slightly larger with a more bluish hue. The "king" Kaldanes produce the eggs, every thousand or so eggs a new king egg is produced. Many

Known KingsEdit

Religion and Customs Edit

The Kaldanes do not exactly have a religion, but they do have philosophy, goals, and ideals that they follow with religious zeal. Their ultimate goal is to become nothing more than the perfect brain; they consider their physical bodies next to worthless except as necessary to support their brains. They believe themselves all identical; if one Kaldane likes something, supposedly all like it (likewise if they hate something.) Like some other races (the Therns and black martians) they have a superiority complex, regarding all non-Kaldanes as inferior creatures to be exploited (if useful) or destroyed (if not), and think nothing of eating rykor flesh despite the creatures' Human form.

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