Kaiju skin mite
Kaiju A Kaiju Skinmite is a parasitic creature that lives off the bodies of the Kaiju.

Biology Edit

A Skinmite's function is said to be similar to that of a barnacle, piggybacking on the bodies of Kaiju either before or after they leave the Anteverse through the Breach.

They evoke the look of a mite or maggot. Their skin is a pale, cream-like color with a dark blue coloring that runs along their tops, with five black eyes. They have large, pincer-like mandibles on their mouths, which they use to stay latched onto Kaiju. They have a total of ten legs and move around relatively slowly.

Unlike the Kaiju, they are not particularly aggressive, as they are seen being handled by Hannibal Chau's workers with relative ease. They require ammonia to stay alive, which they probably acquire from their Kaiju hosts; should the Kaiju die, the mites will remain alive for a short period of time before dying off.

Notes Edit

  • Kaiju Skinmites are said to be from the Anteverse.
  • A similar idea was implemented in the movie Cloverfield, where the monster was covered with parasites. However, they were hostile toward humans.
  • The Skinmites' appearance may be based on Shockirus, a parasite found on Godzilla in the 1984 movie: The Return of Godzilla.
  • Hannibal Chau figured out how to prolong the mites' life by regularly dipping them in ammonia.
  • When Otachi died, several of these mites were found crawling around the area.
  • The Skinmites bear a striking resemblance to the Ohmu from the 1984 anime Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

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Kaiju Skinmite

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