The Kaidan are a race of telepathic humanoids who evolved on a planet very similar to earth.


Their telepathic abilities had given them large heads over the course of their evolution. They are a very old and wise race coupled with their shrew and sensible view of the galaxy. Kaidan technology is quite advanced for a species that lived through the Shadow Age. Many of their technology was salvaged from their own botched space age including the Shadow Ghost ECM 2000 , a capable countermeasure component. They are very skilled mathematically and very sophisticated species using their wits to help others instead of conquest.

During the first Shakturi incursion into our galaxy the Kaidan, though wise as they were, were ignorant in the many atrocities that they committed. That was until they arrived on the Kaidan's "backyard". Panicking, the kaidans rushed to form an alliance with their neighbors: the Securans and the Humans. Little did they know the temporary alliance would form into one of the most powerful conglomerate of races the galaxy has ever seen. The kaidan had given and invented every technological breakthrough they could think to push the Shakturi axis back. But nothing seemed to slow down the gizurean hordes or the advance warships of the Shakturi. Until a joint experimental program headed by ackdariand and kaidan scientists created a creature that carried a disease that could be a turning point for the war. The program was launched as the Shakturi and dyahut forces were invading the securan home world. After the Shakturi retreated back to their galaxy and the axis was dismantled, the remaining kaidan worlds were cut off from each other u.and eventually they forgot each other. If the Kaidan survived the Age of Shadows then surely they'll be ready for the next Shakturi invasion

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