General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe

The Kahori are an alien race that appear in the expanded Barsoom Universe.

Biology Edit

The Kaldori are grey-leathery skinned beings. Their lower legs are bowed backwards significantly.

History Edit

Ages ago the Kahori were forced to abandon their homeworld after it had been destroyed by war. They took to the starts and since they have been journeying from planet to planet.

During their travels they encountered the human, Captain Joshua Clark, managed to become their leader. Under him they conquered many worlds, until they finally arrived on the planet Barsoom.

Thanks to the assistance of Vush Tanzar, a renegade Red Martian Helium was captured. The Kahori launched an invasion of the planet, though faced opposition from the Resistance led by John Carter and the Green Martians.

When Clark learned that Carter was on Mars he held his wife Dejah Thoris captive. When Clark and Carter met in battle for the fate of Barsoom.

John Carter slayed Clark before all his soldiers. The Kaldori being an honorable race accepted defeat and pulled back their invasion force and departed the planet.

Culture Edit

The Kahori are a spacefaring race of warriors that travel the galaxy, invading and conquering planets and then moving onto the next. They are a savage race of warriors, however have very little understanding of tactics. Individual Kahori have no names

Appearances Edit

  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 001 (2014)
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 002 (2014)
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 003 (2014)
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 004 (2015)
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 005 (2015)
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars V2 006 (2015)
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