Kago & Kagoites
Universe Metroid Universe
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Unknown
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Kago Kagoites are small insectoid organisms indigenous to the planet Zebes. They coexist with one another peacefully inside of relatively large hives, which are caged inside of a web of hardened biomatter. Like bees, they won't attack unless provoked. Even so they are quite pacifistic, as the webbing protects their hives from being crushed (something bees have never adapted for), and will only be forced to send out individual guards should their home be directly attacked. Given the Kagoite's overall physiology, it is not a huge leap to consider that they may be closely related to the Zeela, another Zebesian inhabitant.


A Kagoite.

Despite the destruction of their home planet, they were found aboard the Biologic Space Laboratory Research Station, where they were unfortunately consumed and subsequently mimicked by the X Parasites. With the destruction of this location as well, they are currently considered extinct.

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