The KCO2 are a race of jelly-fish like aliens that survive on land using robotic exoskeletal suits to walk on dry land and were the fifth species to board the city of Alpha. Each suit they wear slightly varies from each other because of how each suit is custom made by the KCO2 that wear them. Each KCO2 is 80 cm in legth and in their suits, they're about the size of a normal human. The KCO2 also have a suprisingly long lifespan of 300 Earth-years.

The KCO2 diet is probably one of their most notable features, with how the KCO2 feed off of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, regret, depression, etc. They often travel in schools in search of negative emotions and are present in areas of violence, tragedy, and sickness. While this has given the KCO2 a bit of a bad reputation to other sapient beings, their emotional vampirism can be very therapeutic for people experiencing negative emotions by alleviating them. The KCO2 communicate telepathically which might explain how they are able to feed off of negative emotions.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Valerian and The City of Thousands Planets
  • Valerian: The City of Alpha
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