Alien Species
K'tang Kaktorri

K'tang Kaktorri are the petty thugs of the Hedgemonic Crux.


Despite their fearsome appearance, the K'tang Kaktorri in reality are mere four armed, legless grey worms with two grey eyes native to volcanic homeworld. They survived underground, eating small insects and plants. They have an inferiorty complex, which can often be heard during their bouts of self-pity.


The K'Tang Kaktorri homeworld in the Crux Quadrant had been occupied by several races that used their homeworld as a sort of insteller gladiatorial grounds. The K'tang hated this invasion of their homeworld, but many were to cowardly to do anything. However some brave and intelligent K'tang built power armor mechs to fight off the invaders, and managed to sucede. The aliens hadn't realized the K'tang were sentient, and upon that realization and how willingly they were to reclaim their homeworld, left the K'tang be. The K'tang were now free, but ther heroes of the K'tang were betrayed by those that refused to fight. Claiming they had, with an Ion Cannon on those who knew the truth, these K'tang bullied any K'tang that might interfere in their plans, killing out K'tang smarter than them and forcing them to build their things. These K'tang promply declared war on several neighboring races in the system, but the other races were defeating them in five front war.

Had the Ploxis not come to their aid, the K'tang would have likely no longer exist. With the K'tang victories thanks to the Ploxis, they joined Hedgemonic Crux, under the demand they be the leaders. The Ploxis tricked them into believing they were in charge, which the stupid K'tang bought. The Ploxis basically kept their infrastructure in peak condition while the K'tang did whatever the Ploxis needed. The K'tang were used to crush the Ploxis Rebels on Pludo 7, which they did with ease. During the invasion of the Kessari Quadrant, K'tang made up most of Hedgemonic Crux alongside the Daktaklakpak.

The Captain can obtain a Larvide Missile from the Daktaklakpak, would have planned to use it on the K'tang King's Power Armor to upsurp the K'tang in ranks. Using on the K'tang King will cause him to cowardly surrender, and force the K'tang Kaktorri into the League.


K'tang Crippler

A K'tang Kaktorri Crippler.

K'tang Armor

A K'tang Kaktorri incased in power armor.