Alien Species

"I dont play well with others"- Sloan when Confronted by the Threshold agents

Dr Julian Sloan (played by Jeffrey Donovan) is a character in the series Threshold and the only known human Alien hybrid encountered by the team.

Hybrid Nature[]

Like many others Sloan was unkowingly exposed to the alien conversion pathogen through infected food in 2006. Normally such exposure would lead to death or transformation into an alien infectee but Sloane was the exception.

Born with recessive genes for the condition Hypathrophic Cardiomiopathy, his exposure to the infection triggered these dormant genes wich subsequently caused the conversion prosess to halt half way through.


As a Hybrid Sloan had many of the aliens' strengths such as enhanced strength, speed and stamina. However unlike the infectee's Sloan still possesses his human mind and traits such as compassion and empathy which the infectee's lack. He also posess the unique ability to physically see those who have been exposed to the alien virus. To Sloan such individuals are surrounded by blue/green glass shard aura. Unfortuantly Sloan cannot distinguish between those who have had minimal exposure and those who are no longer human.

As a doctor he has a high understanding of anotomy wich he uses to the fullest when hunting down his victims; stabbing them in the back of the neck and severing the brain stem killing the victim.

In the Series[]

Prior to encountering the Threshold team Sloan was infected by the alien pathogen through contaminated food in the mass attack in 2006. His infection was halted half way through by the activation of defective genes in his body for a heart condition by the virus. Somehow the activation of these genes tricked the virus into shutting down without fatally mutaing him as with others who's bodies resisted the change.

After this Sloan began hunting down other infected people having discovered the alien conspiracy; his hybrid nature allowed him to get closer than any human could undetected. He managed to kill several alien infectees without the aliens or the Threshold team being aware of him.

This changed when he whent after an infected woman who was sleeping with Threshold agent Ramsey. Ignoring Ramsey he whent straight for the woman and killed her by severing her spinal column. Concerned that an alien was suddenly targeting one of its own the Threshold team investigated and learnt of Sloan's deeds and the fact he also murdered one dreamer; a human with minimal, but harmless exposure to the virus.

Sloan eventually attacked Threshold agent Lucas when he sensed the man's esposure and believed the aliens had sent someone to eliminate him. Lucas was able to escape and call for backup. Several agents chased Sloan but lost him when he lept off the roof of the local hospital to escape.

After this attack the team went to Sloan's house to confront him. While they did not find him they discovered he had compiled detailed records on several infectees and potential infectees. One of his targets was Big Horn Crew member and leader of the infectees Captain Manning. Molly realised that both parties were after the same person.

Molly and Fennway eventually discovered Sloane's status as Hybrid when he left a blood sample at the sight of an attack. Fennway initially believed that Sloan's killing spree was the result of the alien programing in his mind being corrupted by his hybrid nature; making him want to kill instead of spread the virus. Molly instead believed it was the human side that was driving him to kill the aliens threat.

Running a psychological profile on Sloan, Molly deduced that he was currently conflicted about his actions and did not understand what had occurred to him. While she believed the team should try and talk to him to get him on side Cavenaugh was unsure stating that Slone was not to unpredictable to be reasoned with.