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The Judoon are an interplanetary police force-for-hire.


The Judoon are a race largely resembling bipedal rhinoceroses. They are stocky and have yellow blood. Female Judoon have a mowhawk whereas males are bald.

Culture and society[]

Their language is mainly one or two-syllable words ending with 'o', though they can communicate using a speech translator from other species.

They are a mercenary police force for the Shadow Proclamation, known for their strict policy to law and their brutal, almost ruthless ways of going about it. They follow the rules at all costs, even if it's a pay and display sign, and will vaporise any offenders with their guns. Despite their logic, they are known to be quite stupid on occasions, such as when they deleted a hospital's records during a search for a fugitive hiding among the patients despite their potential usefulness to them. However, they have also shown adherence to protocol presumably meant for supporting perceived victims of their targets. When they determined that Martha Jones, a Human medical student, had been contaminated through facial contact with a non-human, she was offered "compensation."


The Judoon began their interstellar days as a race of mercenary species, they were so reliable they apparently put the Ogrons out of business, at an unknown point they began working for the Shadow Proclamation.

The Judoon arrived in Earth's solar system in pursuit of a Plasmavore, charged with murder and impersonating an elderly Human. As Earth was beyond the Shadow Proclamation's jurisdiction, the Judoon utilised a H2O scoop to extract a hospital from London where the Plasmavore was hiding and place it on the moon, trapped within a forcefield to contain the oxygen and keep the trapped Humans alive. Shortly afterwards, the Judoon stormed into the hospital and began searching for the Plasmavore, scanning the patients and staff and marking them with black pen to single out the civilians from the fugitive. One person reacted violently to the Judoon, prompting them to disintegrate him for physical assault on an officer. Unbeknownst to the Judoon, the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords of Gallifrey was also in the hospital, having arrived to investigate the Judoon technology surrounding the hospital back in London. Due to his Human-like appearance and alien biology, the Judoon assumed the Doctor to be the Plasmavore and attempted to kill him. Eventually, the Doctor located the Plasmavore, who had killed the hospital director and assimilated his blood to fool the Judoon's genetic scanners. The Doctor, pretending to be a Human as well, claimed that the Judoon were deepening their scans, tricking her into assimilating his blood. Once the Judoon found her and determined what she was, they executed her and returned the hospital to Earth.

When the Daleks stole 24 planets, including Earth, Womanwept and Clom, to power their reality bomb in the Medusa Cascade, the Doctor went to the Shadow Proclamation for help and was greeted by a Judoon squad upon arrival. When Donna Noble suggested the involvement of the Pyrovile and Adipose homeworlds, a Judoon dismissed the former as 'cold case' as these planets had disappeared much sooner than the other 24. When the Doctor determined a means of tracking the stolen planets, the Shadow Proclamation attempted to seize the TARDIS and declare war on the Daleks, prompting him to quickly depart before the Judoon could claim his vessel.