The Jorenians are a species native to the planet Joren.

Background[edit | edit source]

The first humanoids on Joren were highly skilled predators. At first starting out as solitary, then banding together in small familial groups for cooperative hunting.

Over time the Jorenia. settled into territorial tribes, and a complex social structure developed. The first House was born.

The Jorenian’s ancestors had no need to verbally communicate. Nor had they ever known territorial boundaries at the time.

HouseClans however began clashing over land, resources, and hunting rights. Having no method of negotiation, other than acts of violence.

During this nonverbal period in their long history, Jorenians used fear as a weapon. Especially to subjugate their captives. Male captives were often tortured though females, however, it was much worse. Females were raped an act seen as a great dishonor.

Over time, their people realized the only way to achieve lasting peace between the HouseClans was to develop specific disciplines regarding conflict. Thus the need for language. Joren became a united world, and never again suffered civil war. Those disciplines have never been forgotten.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Jorenians are humanoid, standing taller than humans, with startling sapphire-colored flesh. Their sable hair is straight that fall around strong features in lustrous wings. Jorenian eyes are completely white, no iris or pupil discernible beneath the pearly corneas. Their six-fingered hands possess claws which served they as predators on their homeworld.

Jorenian have a spleen-like organ that is five times heavier than a human's. The organ possesses three arteries connect to it. The spleen not only removed worn-out blood cells and fought infection, but also regulated their digestive and immune systems.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Originally the Jorenians evolved from nomadic warrior clans, into a technically advanced race of insatiable explorers. They are a race that enjoys exploration with several members scattered throughout space.

Jorenians are known to be adept pilots, course plotters — any helm position is favored. Theyvhave a natural sense for navigation, which is useful when instrumentation fails.

Jorenians apparently had complete freedom. They could go anywhere, do anything, have lots of fun. Until they attained emotional and physical maturity, that is. This was measured not by age, but by some unspecified internal biological clock. They value everything as a Choice which their HouseClans will honor to the death. The path is predetermined solely by the one who travels it.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

In Jorenian culture mates bond for life. However before a marriage can be invoked, choice banns must be given. They symbolize that the Choice and the time of the bonding ceremony. Jorenians take serious offense to those that violate the bond between mates, such as seducing another's mate. Clan members are unable to protect the offender, and they must meet a challenge.

Death and Afterlife[edit | edit source]

In the Jorenian culture, deaths were celebrated as the beginning of another journey. Jorenian custom prohibited disturbing the body during the time when they considered the ”shreds of the soul” might remain within.

The body of the deceased would be placed in a special receptacle, the Jorenian version of a coffin, which during the ceremony was fired from the ship into the corona of the nearest star.

Warrior Training[edit | edit source]

The Jorenians train as warriors however they are mostly a peaceful race of explorers. Only one reason warfare is permitted—to defend the HouseClan. Jorenians practice a martial form called ClanSpar, which involves one striking to ground the opponent.

Crime[edit | edit source]

There is very rare cases of murder in modern Jorenian history as they are usually been committed by offworlders. Though every killer had been caught and nearly declared ClanKill. There are three suspects on record who’d refused to confess to their acts had been banished from Joren forever.

ClanKill can only be declared if an individual makes a threat against a member of the HouseClan. In the presence of the HouseClan, a warrior may declare the outsider as ClanKill.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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  • Beyond Varallan (Stardoc, #2) by S.L. Viehl
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