Jonathan "Jon" Samuel Kent is the first born son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane Kent. He is a Kryptonian-Human hybrid, much like Kon-El, but is the first hybrid to be born naturally. He is also a member of the Superman Family, as well as another to bare the mantle of Superboy.

History[edit | edit source]

Birth[edit | edit source]

Jon was born to Lois and Clark during the multiversal cataclysm known simply as the "Convergence". His parents were abducted from their world to fight amongst other abductees from all over the multiverse. Despite his father's Flashpoint Paradox counterpart almost jeopardized their very lives, Clark was able to get himself and his wife to safety and encountered Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint Paradox. Wayne himself aided in the birth of their son. When the Brainiac of Future's End found himself changing his mind, Lois and Jon accompanied Superman to the first crisis in hopes of changing the outcome of the multiverse, ensuring it didn't collapse. Once this was successful, the three were stranded on a different Earth, but managed to get by, hiding their actual identity and under going the alias White.

Early Childhood[edit | edit source]

Jon grew up with a "normal life", but was completely oblivious to the fact that his father was Superman and that his mother was still writing under the "Author X" pseudonym. It was then however that he and his mother were kidnapped by this world's Bruno Mannheim and Intergang, that his superhuman powers began manifesting. After being rescued by his father, Clark and Lois decided to tell Jon the truth about him being Superman and where they were actually from.

After this incident, he began manifesting other superhuman powers, such as heat vision when he accidentally killed the family cat. Later on however, both he and his parents encountered the Eradicator, who purely intended on absorbing the Kryptonian side of Jon. A battle ensued between Superman, Jon and Lois, which ended up on the lunar Batcave. Jon was able to aid his father in the defeat of the Eradicator as a result.

Following this, Clark had begun forming a disguise for his son, with the use of a hat and glasses like himself. He made his presence known as Superboy to both Wonder Woman and Batman at the Justice League Watchtower, when he accompanied his father to the orbital station.

New Superboy[edit | edit source]

Jonathan Samuel Kent: The New Superboy

During his first adventure as Superboy, both Jon and his father were in the Fortress of Solitude. They were working on a science project for school when a device in the fortress went crazy and causing them to be transported to Dinosaur Island. Once there, both father and son fought for survival and with the aid of Capt. William Storm, were able to return home safely.

During the Christmas season, Jon was out looking for a Christmas Tree, however accidentally torched some woodlands. Rescued by Nobody and Goliath, Jon was taken to the Batcave for questioning. It was here where Jon met Damian Wayne, the current Robin, who had kept tabs on him for a while. Initially, both boys didn't get along, leading to a conflict, resulting in the arrival of both their fathers. Superman and Batman blamed each other for the resulting conflict, but it was Jon who used his arctic breath to separate both and explain the incident to both of them.

As a means of disciplining their sons, both Batman and Superman put both of them through a series of challenges to get them to work as a team. Initially, both failed the challenges, but would succeed when they realized they needed to work together to complete them. Following this incident, Alfred Pennyworth dubbed both Damian and Jon the Super Sons.

History Rewritten[edit | edit source]

Later down the road, Jon had his first run in with Mr. Mxyzptlk, a 5th dimensional imp who always was a thorn in his father's side. The imp was known to have taken on an alternate Clark Kent, revealing himself to Superman and attempting to once more, harass the Man of Steel. Jon however was the target and it was due to the fact that Superman failed to save the Imp from Mr. Oz, that Mxyzptlk was angry. The imp began toying with the minds of Jon's parents, making them forget they even had a son, but it was Superman who offered to play a game with Mxy in order for Jon's safe return.

With Mxyzptlk agreeing, he created an obstacle course, known as the "Infinite Planet", which both Clark and Lois beat. Jon was returned, but was red with the infused energy of his parents' Prime Earth counterparts. Unlike his parents, the Prime Earth versions never married, nor had children and Jon managed to convince his parents to merge with their Prime Earth counterparts. As a result of their merge, the family's story had been altered.

With the new timeline, Jon's birth was now within the Fortress of Solitude with both Batman and Wonder Woman present and the Kents were not known under the alias of White.

Super Sons Vs. Kid Amazo[edit | edit source]

Damian & Jon: The Super Sons

In their first mission within the new timeline, Damian recruited Jon in a mission to investigate a series of recent break-ins at LexCorp. Their investigation however was complicated by the company's owner Lex Luthor. He tried capturing both boys and question them on their business at his place of work, however both boys escaped before he could. They were able to follow a lead on a family who retained superhuman powers from the Amazo Virus and that one of the family members known as Reggie Meyer was driven insane by constant use of his powers. Reggie had undergone the alias of Kid Amazo and he was responsible for the break-ins, stealing a suit of armor to aid him in leading the Justice League into a trap.

With the aid of both Reggie's sister Sara and Lex Luthor, Jon and Damian managed to defeat Reggie, but both boys left before explaining themselves to Lex. Despite this, their family's realized they were gone and both were punished upon their return. Despite this, both boys explained the incident and were given permission to venture off on their own, so long as they had each other's back.

True Power Revealed[edit | edit source]

Batman and Robin visited the Kents during a big storm, which the family was hiding out from in the basement. Batman had analyzed Jon's DNA and suspected that something in the environment was suppressing the young boy's growth in power. Deducing that whatever was causing this was within the milk from a neighbor's cow, Batman went to investigate, only to be attacked by an unknown substance hiding in the milk.

Following Batman's disappearance, Jon, Damian and Clark went about searching for him, but ended up encountering a massive squid-like monster, which Jon dispatched with his heat vision. As a result, his father spoke to him about the consequences for his actions.

The suppression of Jon's powers was revealed to be caused by Manchester Black, who had plotted his revenge against Superman for sometime. Using several other aliens about the land, including the dairy farmer named Branden and his granddaughter Kathy Branden. He planned to groom the young Superboy into his protege, forcing him to fight his own father while under his control and pushing his powers to their absolute limits. With the aid of Kathy, Jon was able to free himself from the mind control, sending it back to Black in a feedback of psychic power, defeating him in the process. As a result, things returned to normal and it was then that Jon had finally gained the power of flight.

Metropolis[edit | edit source]

Following his family moving to Metropolis from the countryside, Jon was allowed to patrol the city with Damian, so long as he was home by 10:00 pm. During one patrol, Jon had his first run-in with Damian's group called the Teen Titans, who were investigating strange energy readings within the city. Starfire offered Jon to accompany them, however Damian denied it, as Jon was not a teenager and was only 10 at the time.

The Titans found their lead led to the culprits known as Atom Master and Chun Yull, who managed to defeat the team. This resorted in them turning to Jon for help, who agreed to aid them. Now with Jon on their side, the successfully defeated them and offered Jon an invitation to join the Titans, only for Damian to deny it once again. Both boys continued following up on their investigation of these mysterious villains. This however resulted in both of them being sucked into an inter-dimensional portal, finding themselves on Yggardis, the living planet.

With the aid of other survivors, both boys fought for their lives and managed to return home, debriefing Jon's father about the incident. This resulted in both boys getting their own base of operations, which despite Damian's dismay, Jon dubbed the "Fortress of Attitude".

Super Sons of Tomorrow[edit | edit source]

Following his first mission with the Titans, Damian promised Jon that he would work with them on an assignment once a month. As a result, Jon confronted him about it. Their squabble was cut short by an alternate future version of Tim Drake, who came back in time to kill Jon and avert a possible disaster. Jon attempted to flee, only to accidentally let off a blast of solar energy, referred to as a "Solar Flare". The resulting blast damaged Titans Tower and injured the Titans as a result.

Jon and Damian were now on the run from future Tim Drake, referred to as Savior and his Titans of Tomorrow. Both boys found Superman in a cage of red kryptonite, but freed him. The Titans of Tomorrow found them at the fortress, causing Jon to panic and charge up another solar flare. Everyone attempted to aid in stopping the detonation, but it was Tim Drake who sacrificed himself, absorbing the blast and ending up in hyper time, completely averting the crisis without resorting to killing Jon.

Following the resulting events in the last few months, Superman threatened to disband the Super Sons, but was convinced otherwise by both boys, vowing they would not abandon each other in a time of crisis. While at the Watchtower, Damian brought back up the subject of Jon, but being a part-time member of the Titans. Sadly however, he was the only one in support of this, with all the others voting no, as Damian's leadership was causing the Titans to fall apart.

Space Exploration[edit | edit source]

Even after his fight with future Tim Drake, Jon was affected on an emotional level more than he let on at the time. He became extremely fearful of what the future held, as well as the Titans rejecting him, believing there was something wrong with him.

At the Kent residence, the family was visited by Jor-El, now under the alias of Mr. Oz, who had become displaced across time. He came to take Jon on a trip through space as a means of educating him about the universe he was living in. Though his parents denied this at first, it was Jon who convinced them, revealing his insecurities to them and tearing up. He believed this to be an opportunity to better himself for the future, which their parents agreed, so long as Lois accompanied them, much to Clark's dismay.

Longest Trip to the Galaxy & Return[edit | edit source]

Jon's first encounter with the Crime Syndicate

During the first few minutes of the trip, the ship the trio were on docked into a massive starship. Before settling in however, the ship was attacked by the Dominators, who Jon and Jor dispatched effortlessly. Following these events, the three flew to a city of the Trade Galactic in order to get something to eat. While there, Jon had his first run-in with the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo, who despite his size, stood up to him. The inhabitants of the Trade Galactic soon swarmed Lois, believing she could aid them in rescuing their children from the bondage of slavery, but it was Jon and Jor-El who heard them out.

Discovering the Khunds on Daxam were to blame, Jor and Jon went to their facility, finding the missing children and dispatching the Khunds before freeing the children. Following the excitement of the day, Lois realized this was simply no place for a journalist and returned home in the shuttle. While during their trip through space, Jor-El asked Jon why he truly came on the trip. He explained that he doesn't understand how any of the universe works, nor understand his place in it. Jor explained to him how he survived the destruction of Krypton and how he should've never met his grandson. Despite everything, his experiments and what not, Jor-El believed science to be complete madness.

Throughout their trip, it was easy to distract themselves, through various means. One of which was aiding the Green Lanterns against some rogue Thanagarians. Sometime later however, they ended up sucked into a black hole and Jon ended up alone and in Earth-3, the home of the Crime Syndicate. The syndicate attacked each other for taking Jon as their captive and it was Ultraman who prevailed, taking him to a volcano and throwing him in, where he landed on a rock in the middle of the magma lake.

It was during this event that Ultraman tortured him and he couldn't escape due to having little to no contact with the sun. With what power he had remaining, Jon was able to bust out of his prison, only for the lava to torch what was left of his uniform. He was able to break into a fortified Hall of Justice, where he tried getting a signal to his parents, only to be caught by Superwoman. Jon was chased out of the hall and attempted to kill him, only to be stopped by Jor-El, saving Jon's life. Returning to the ship he was on before, Jor-El demanded to know where he was and explained to the young man that he spent years looking for him. He believed Jon ran away from him, however Jon was confused, but before further discussion could ensue, they were attacked.

Believing it to be Superwoman,however they had already returned to their own dimension, discovering it was actually Rogol Zaar and 2 others, one of which was General Zod. Jor-El held them off, allowing his grandson to flee quickly. Jon landed back on Earth in Wisconsin and afterwards made his way back to Metropolis, where he reunited with his father. Having gotten over the initial shock at the 7 year gap in Jon's age, Clark greeted his son with open arms and brought him home so he could see his mother. Lois too was shocked at the fact that he was already now 17 years and he demanded to know what happened.

It was sometime later that Jon was taken to the Fortress of Solitude, where Kelex placed him under a scan and confirmed he was indeed Jonathan Samuel Kent, mostly as a precaution to ensure he wasn't an impostor. He continued his story and finished, however both father and son were transported to the Jor-El's ship, which was surrounded by ensuing conflicts with other species. Superman was able to get each species to stand down and found out why Jor was under attack. It turned out to be a trick to bring Superman to Rogol Zaar. Superman engaged the Kryptonian destroyer and Jon was confronted by Zod. Jon however was pinned by Zod against the ship, however Jor-El had sent in a signal to his niece, Kara, who took Krypto along for the ride.

During the battle, Jon was reunited with Krypto, who began licking his cheek upon seeing him. The fight continued until a signal was sent to Jor-El and every member of the House of El boarded the ship, escaping the villains. Kara had obtained Rogol Zaar's staff, discovering that he was responsible for Krypton's destruction, as well as the fact that a group called the Circle covered it up. After a brief conversation, Jon, Kara and Krypto returned back to Earth, leaving Jor-El and Superman behind.

Legion of Superheroes[edit | edit source]

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Hybrid Kryptonian Physiology: Jon was born a hybrid between a Kryptonian and a Human, which under the effects of a yellow star, gives him powers and abilities like an average Kryptonian. Being a hybrid however, Jon has the potential of surpassing his father's power level.
    • Solar Energy Absorption: Like his father, Jon possesses very absorbent solar cells, capable of absorbing and storing energy from a yellow sun. This in turn gives him many of the same superhuman powers his father possesses.
    • Invulnerability: Being half-Kryptonian, Jon possesses a dense anatomical structure, which in conjunction with a radiating bio-electric aura, enables him to withstand virtually any kind of attack. Initially, as he was growing up, his durability was rather inconsistent, but as he matured, so did his resilience. He is also immune to the effects of drugs, poisons, etc.
    • Accelerated Healing: Should Jon sustain any kind of injury, his body is capable of regenerating lost and damaged tissue within a short period of time.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like his father, Jon possesses the ability to lift far more than his own weight over his head. He is able to stop trains from speeding out of control, leap great distances and land safely, lift cars and even boulders over his head. He is even strong enough to stun a flying dinosaur with a single punch.
    • Superhuman Speed: Jon possesses the ability to propel himself at speeds to the point where even Kid Flash couldn't see him. He can also fly, as well as react at great speed and is able to catch various objects in mid-air before they hit their target. He is even fast enough to break through the chronokinetic powers of Time Commander.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Jon is able to last a very long time without tiring, even though eventually he will need to rest.
    • Flight: Like his father, Jon is capable of manipulating gravitons in the air and fly at speeds comparable to his father.
      • Flight-Field Projection: Unlike his father, Jon is able of extending his power of flight to some extent. This enables anyone he wants to fly with him without having him carry them about.
    • Enhanced Visual Perception: Jon's eyes are fast enough to scan through over 175 hours of security camera footage within only a span of a few seconds, where it would take Damian at least a week.
      • Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: Jon's eyes enable him to see in all forms of the electromagnetic spectrum. He is even able to see and identify all known broadcasting frequencies, radio and television signals, as well as make himself invisible to radar and satellite monitoring.
      • X-Ray Vision: Like his father, Jon is capable of seeing through virtually every object.
      • Telescopic Vision: Jon's eyes are capable of enabling him to see things from such a distance farther than any human being can see.
      • Microscopic Vision: Jon's eyes are also capable of seeing objects and images at the sub-atomic level.
      • Heat Vision: Jon is capable of generating beams of intense heat from his eyes. His heat vision alone is powerful enough to actually singe the skin of his father and can do damage to beings like Doomsday.
    • Super Smell: Jon's senses are enhanced to a point where he can smell various odors all across an entire city.
    • Super Breath: Through breathing, Jon is able of projecting hurricane force winds from his lungs. He can even apply this ability to freeze objects as well. He is also capable of raising his voice to such a high decibel that he can shatter the window glass of his home.
    • Superhuman Hearing: Jon is capable of listening for sounds from great distances and even listen in on conversations.
    • Empathic Solar Flare: One of Jon's most powerful abilities comes in the form of his solar flare. Like his father, Jon can generate blasts of solar energy with the fury of a nuclear bomb. He has little to no control over this ability, mostly brought on by his human heritage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy Machinery Operation: Jon was taught by his father how to work the tractor on the family farm. He is also capable of driving a semi-truck.
  • Indomitable Will: Like his father, Jon possesses a will virtually unbreakable by anyone. It was even strong enough to break through Time Commander's abilities.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

  • Kryptonite: Like his father, Jon possesses a weakness to the element known as Kryptonite.
  • Psionics: Because he has very little experience in fighting foes with psionic based powers, he is susceptible to the effects of psychic attacks.
  • Solar Energy Dependency: Jon, like his father, needs to rely on solar energy for his powers, otherwise he possesses no superhuman powers.

Former[edit | edit source]

  • Power Instability: As he was growing up, Jon's powers were inconsistent, especially when it came to his invulnerability. Though this was possibly due to his hybrid nature, it was revealed that the reason for his instability was caused by Manchester Black. Once Black was dealt with however, Jon's powers were able to develop fully.

Alternate Counterparts[edit | edit source]

Earth 15[edit | edit source]

Earth-16[edit | edit source]

Earth 29[edit | edit source]

Rather than being a normal version of his prime earth self, this version of Superboy is in fact known as Boyzarro, or Bizarro-Superboy. He is the only child of Bizarro and Loiz.

Earth -22[edit | edit source]

Much like his Prime Earth counterpart, Jon was born to Clark and Lois. He was also known as Superboy, however didn't get to live to see 17 years old. This was due to the fact that the Batman Who Laughs exposed his father with a black Kryptonite, which drove him insane. This resulted in both the deaths of Lois and Jon.

Super Sons[edit | edit source]

DCeased[edit | edit source]

Jon Kent of the DCeased universe is one based off his Prime Earth universe. DCeased takes place when Cyborg releases a zombie-like plague upon Earth, one which was formed through the Anti-Life Equation. As a result, him, Damian, Clark and Lois, as well as other members of the Justice League fight to survive.

Arrowverse[edit | edit source]

Jon is the firstborn son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Prior to their engagement, Lois announced to Kara Zor-El that she was indeed pregnant. Jonathan was born sometime prior to the battle with the Anti-Monitor. Following Earth-1 and Earth-TUD5 merging, the timeline of the universe changed. As a result, it is revealed that Clark and Lois will have more than one child.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Jon's first name comes from his adoptive grandfather, Jonathan Kent. Lois did initially wanted to call him Jor, however Clark wished for his human side to be reflected on his son. his middle name Samuel comes from Lois' father, General Samuel Lane.
  • Jon's godfather is Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Planet, Perry White.
  • Damian Wayne is considered by Jon to be his best friend.

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