The Jokhalli are a race of tall, thin-limbed humanoids native to the moon Blimph 3. They are distinguished by their glowing, red eyes and their unusual arms. Each of their two arms end in two forearms, with a compound elbow joint providing a full range of motion for each forearm. Their bovine faces are melancholic in appearance, and they speak a variety of galactic trade languages. To the Jokhalli, trade and commerce are immensely important, and their civilization flourished mainly because of the strategic location of Blimph 3. When Quaffug the Hutt took control of the Blimph System, the Jokhalli were relegated to a minimal role in the business which went through the system, and they were unable to stop the Hutt. They consoled themselves playing games of Divot, until Lando Calrissian stumbled upon their society during his trial under the Duff-Jikab. His skills in trade languages, coupled with his defeat of the Jokhalli masters in Divot, earned Lando a measure of respect among the Jokhalli, who helped him escape Quaffug. Lando later forced Quaffug to return control of Blimph 3 to the Jokhalli, in return for the Hutt's life.
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