Alien Species

The Jindas are a race of beings best known for the gypsy-like tribes that inhabit the Forest Moon of Endor, although it is believed that they evolved on the Colonies planet Jinda, based on the records of the colony ship Free Enterprise. However, other scientists believe that the Jindas are distant cousins of the Ewoks. The tribes on Endor's moon are noted for the fact that they are constantly getting lost. Years before the Battle of Endor, the Jindas were farmers who lived their lives under the protection of the Rock Wizard. When they made the Rock Wizard angry, the Wizard banished them from his kingdom, forcing them to meander the surface of the moon in search of a new home.

Individual Jindas are distinguished by the tufts of red hair that sprout from their heads and the tan fur that covered the rest of their bodies, as well as their seemingly boundless energy. No matter the size or shape of an individual, each Jinda seems equally playful and happy. When threatened or during performances, male Jindas can puff out their necks, exposing red bands that help make the Jinda look bigger than they really are. As a race, Jindas are herbivores, using their blunt teeth to tear and grind all sorts of plant matter. They are also fond of entertainment, and are capable of performing any number of acts and routines. Although the Jindas are regarded as excellent storytellers, their poor memories often lead to more embellishment of a story than an accurate retelling.