Alien Species

The Jilruans are a sentient species from the planet Jilrua, located in the Mid Rim portion of Hutt Space near the Oktos Nebula. Having been conquered by the Hutt species, they served Hutts, t'landa Til, and Yahk-Tosh in various roles. Many Jilruans fought in the Hutt-Xim conflict, with many dying in the Second Battle of Vontor. Some Jilruans served as attendants to Lord Gar-Oth, a Yahk-Tosh warlord. Having conquered a planetoid, the warlord was attacked by Princess Lourdes, heir to the planet's monarchy. When he overpowered her, one of the Jilruan attendants requested permission to carry out the killing stroke, but was prevented by one of Lourdes' aides. Lord Gar-Oth's attendants were later crushed by the warlord's own droid, Goliath.

Biology and appearance[]

The Jilruans are a sapient species. Towering and war-like, the Jilruans have two arms that end in pentadactyl hands. They have blue skin, yellow eyes, and white teeth. While in service to Lord Gar-Oth, Jilruans wear purple robes with hoods that cast their face into shadow, although their glowing eyes remain visible.


The Jilruans evolved on the planet Jilrua, located near the Oktos Nebula. Their desert homeworld was conquered millennia prior to the Battle of Yavin by the Hutt species, becoming part of Hutt Space. They were integrated into Hutt society as gladiators, retainers, and attendants for not only their Hutt overlords but t'landa Til and Yahk-Tosh as well. Although found offworld in this capacity, their homeworld itself was rarely visited by offworlders. In the year 25,100 BBY, Jilruans fought in the Second Battle of Vontor under Hutt general Kossak Inijic Ar'durv against the forces of Xim the Despot. The Jilruans—alongside Cyborrean and Weequay mercenaries—suffered massive casualties, but managed to decimate the last of Xim's organic forces, his Duinarbulon Star Lancers.

Serving Lord Gar-Oth[]

In 31 BBY, a number of Jilruans served Lord Gar-Oth, a Yahk-Tosh warlord with significant droid forces. While prospecting for an easy world to conquer and add to his Empire, Gar-Oth selected a small planetoid ruled by a monarchy of elfish humanoids. Gar-Oth invaded the world, murdered its king, and, in order to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the world's residents, tried to force the king's daughter Princess Lourdes to marry him. During Gar-Oth's administration of the planetoid, his Jilruan attendants stayed close to his side, translating his commands from Yahk-Tosh into the local language.

Lord Gar-Oth's plans were interrupted when the newly promoted Jedi Knight Yoshi Raph-Elan crash-landed on the planetoid. Evading Gar-Oth's droid forces, he met Princess Lourdes on the evening of her engagement ball and learned of the situation. Raph-Elan declared himself Lourdes' husband, prompting a violent confrontation. Learning he was a Jedi, Gar-Oth ordered his droid forces to attack Raph-Elan. In the ensuing confusion, Lourdes stole a blade from a Jilruan attendant and tried to kill Gar-Oth. The quick Yakh-Tosh evaded the strike and began to strangle the woman in rage. At this point, one of the Jilruans sought permission to kill the princess on Gar-Oth's behalf. Prevented from interfering at blaster-point by a local resident, Skeeter, the Jilruan watched as, in a sudden reversal, Lourdes stabbed and killed Gar-Oth. Meanwhile, Raph-Elan destroyed Gar-Oth's largest droid, Goliath, causing it topple and fall on the Jilruan attendants.