Jhazallans are a species of sapient, fur-covered humanoids from the planet Jhazalla. Fur coloration in this species can be yellow, red or blue, depending on the individual. They have long, prehensile tongues; two hearts; and an ability known as the "love touch", by which they can put other life forms in a state of love and ecstasy. Their technology includes means to alter their own size, allowing them to travel comfortably in relatively small ships. They seem to require the same environmental conditions as Earthlings.

The Jhazallans have been observed putting live fish in their mouths and pulling out a perfectly clean fish skeleton, suggesting that they might have means of fully digesting food before it reaches the stomach. They are also able to consume strange substances such as vinyl disks and the fluid of a lava lamp. Another ability they display is that of perfectly imitating practically any sound they hear.


  • Earth Girls are Easy (1988)


  • The name of the species is conjectural, based on the name they use for their planet (Jhazalla).
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