'Jesse' was the adoptive name of a genetically-engineered alien warrior who, as a result of several crimes on his home-world (one of which he was framed for), was sentenced to exile on Earth.

Transformed into a human form, he was to remain on Earth and live among humanity, with his purpose to curb his violent tendencies and learn compassion by performing worthwhile tasks for them - with the positive outcome been that his banishment would end and he would be allowed to return home if successful.

He was portrayed by Martin Kove.

Origins and Exile Edit

The Warrior on trial

The Warrior on trial.

The alien who would later take the name Jesse was 'created' on a far off world, with his creators been involved in a galactic war known as "the Great Anterian Conflict". To help them win the war, the Grand Council genetically engineered strong and aggressive warriors to fight for them. 'Jesse' was one of these warriors, with his actions during the conflict helping secure a victory for his creators and earning him recognition as a war hero. After the conflict's end, the warrior started a family of his own but his violent nature did not subside - with him committing several actions of disobedience and destruction including brawling in a pleasure center, clashing with authorities and destroying an entire settlement. He was later framed by his vice commander for ordering the assassination of the Grand Elder, with him been captured and put on trial. A sentence of exile was chosen, with a vessel carrying the imprisoned warrior and members of the Grand Council arriving in California, USA on Earth during a thunderstorm.

The Crystal

The Crystal.

Although one council member was against the decision and declared their wish for the warrior to be terminated, another reminded him of his heroic deeds during the Great Anterian conflict as well as pointing out the fact that the Grand Council made him what he is. The Judge, however, declared the sentence chosen must be carried out - with the warrior's sentence been for him to be exiled to Earth (referred to by the Grand Council as a 'primitive world), be transformed into a human body and to live among humanity; doing penance by performing worthwhile tasks for them. The warrior's life in human form would be maintained by a crystal worn by the warrior, with the Council warning him not to lose it as he would slowly grow weaker and eventually die if he did not recover it.

The Warrior and Control

The Warrior and Control

A correctional unit known as Control was also assigned to the warrior, with Control's job to provide information to the warrior about Earth to help him survive (without providing assistance if the Warrior got into any trouble) and also to provide reports to the Grand Council regarding the warrior's progress - with the Grand Council explaining that if Control's reports showed that the warrior's violent tendencies and rebellious attitude had changed, they may overrule his sentence and allow him to return home. Before the sentence would begin, the Council asked the Warrior to kneel in humility, with the Warrior instead letting off an angered roar - to which the council began the sentence immediately.

The warrior was transformed to human form (with no clothes on), had his mind adjusted so he could understand/speak
The Warrior and Control admire his new human form.

The Warrior and Control admire his new human form.

English and was released. Taking refuge in a closed gas station and putting on some clothes belonging to a mechanic called Jesse (with the Warrior adopting the name as his own), he was shown by Control how to drive a truck as well as how to use a television. Control left shortly after to head to Los Angeles, to find somewhere suitable for Jesse to stay while Jesse remained behind to learn more about humanity by watching the television. However, Jesse was forced to flee in the truck after fending off some officers who had arrived and tried to arrest him for breaking and entering. In the process, Jesse accidentally left his crystal behind and became lost - leaving him unable to retrieve it.

Karen checks over Jesse after his faint.

Karen checks over Jesse after his faint.

After driving around the next day, he came across a woman named Karen who was hanging on due to her truck hanging over the edge of a cliff. After initially yelling at her to tell him where he was, he helped save her when her truck started to roll over the edge - holding onto it and allowing her enough time to get to safety before convincing Jesse to let it go as it was old and insured. After helping him recover from a brief faint, Karen explained to him that he was 120 miles away from Los Angeles and that he could reach the city by traveling on Highway 10 - leaving him her name and number to contact if he needed help; both due to Jesse refusing to go to the hospital despite his weakened state and as a thank you for saving her.

Jesse recovers his crystal, with help from Control.

Jesse recovers his crystal, with help from Control.

While heading to Los Angeles, Jesse was pursued by the police following Jesse breaking and entering and stealing the truck, although he managed to lose them despite crashing through a chicken ranch. Reaching the city, he was pursued by more police units before finally coming to a stop on the Gerald Desmond Bridge due to his weakened state. Despite the Police Chief's attempt to calm him down due to Jesse shouting wearily for Control, Jesse resisted been arrested before jumping off the bridge - managing to hang on to a beam underneath, out of sight of the police. As the police moved on to stop a barge that was traveling under the bridge at the time (thinking Jesse fell on-board), Jesse is confronted by Control - who has recovered Jesse's crystal from the gas station but can neither give him or back or let Jesse die as he will fail his assignment. Following a solution by Jesse, however, Control puts the crystal on the beam out of Jesse's reach - with Jesse having enough strength to scramble across and retrieve it; thus saving both of them from failing their assignments.

Jesse grabs the beam to throw at the thieves' car.

Jesse grabs the beam to throw at the thieves' car.

Both Jesse and Control have a talk, with Control reminding him that their individual goals (Control succeeding on his first assignment and Jesse returning home) can only be achieved by helping each other despite Jesse's reluctance to the fact. With his picture over the news, Jesse steals a Clint Eastwood suit (along with the mannequin it was on) to change into before ringing Karen from a payphone for help; accidentally breaking the payphone after he ends his conversation. While waiting for Karen to show up, however, a Jewellery robbery begins to take place across the street as a woman and three men begin to rob the store. The robbery is watched by Jesse, who intervenes when one of the men threatens the life of a customer - remembering what Control said about helping humans if he wants to get back home. Defeating two of the men in combat, he chases the woman and third man to a car behind the store, grabbing on as it drives away. He is soon thrown off but the car drives down a dead end and has to turn around, giving Jesse time to grab a wooden beam from a nearby construction sight and throw it through the car windscreen - casing the car to crash and allowing the thieves to be captured.

Jesse and Control talk about their actions.

Jesse and Control talk about their actions.

Returning to the scene of the crime, Jesse watches the store staff talking to the Police about him. When Karen arrives and sees him, however, she accidentally gives him away by shouting for him, with Jesse only saved from been shot thanks to Control stopping time to allow him to flee (although this also wipes the most recent memories of the people around him, with the Police and Karen forgetting that Jesse was there). Talking to Control later, who himself was lamenting how he had breached his protocol relating not saving Jesse's life, Jesse complained that he couldn't change who he was - with Control pointing out he had already begun to change by helping some people; adding that this was because Jesse was developing more emotions and pointing out that it was something positive to put into his report. Control also pointed out that he had been analyzing the planet more and had many things to tell Jesse about Earth to help him settle in.

Life on EarthEdit

Money TroubleEdit

After an incident at a market involving Jesse accidentally breaking a watermelon and been unable to pay for it, Control and Jesse agreed that he will need to find a way to make money - with Control explaining to Jesse that to do that, he will need to get a job. Jesse is reluctant at first due to Control's information not always been accurate, but tried anyway and did succeed in getting a job in a gym. However, he is fired before the end of the day after he accidentally breaks an exercise machine due to his superhuman strength - with Jesse becoming angry when he discusses it later with Control.

Control, however, points out that he has observed another way to gain money after seeing a man drawing money out from an ATM. Using his abilities, Control hacks into several machines and causes them to completely deposit all their money, with Jesse collecting it all in a trash bag and obtaining a total of $200,000 - using it to pay back the man who ran the shop he broke the watermelon at earlier, before checking into a hotel. During his stay, however, he is greeted by a man called Felix - who saw him enter the hotel - and tells him a con story about his brother's company making a deal that he has a stake in but warning that he will lose everything if the deal falls through and that he has a wife and kids to look after. Believing his story, Jesse agreed to give him money to help him out - with Felix taking $50,000 for himself.

However, a woman who witnessed Jesse's 'withdrawals' had gone to the police and provided them with a description of him. When Jesse was watching the TV later that evening, he saw the news report on him taking the money from the ATMs and angrily realized that Control had unintentionally made him into a bank-robber. Following this, Jesse decided to return the money to the bank - with one staff member pressing the silent alarm to alert the police while another talked to Jesse to distract him while the bank was evacuated. Jesse didn't reveal anything about Control's part in the crime but explained that he had returned the money after learning it was wrong and that he gave the missing $50,000 from the total to Felix. Upon trying to leave the bank, however, Jesse was arrested by the Police who had gathered outside.

Upon been questioned at the Police station, Jesse was unable to provide any more information about Felix other than he claimed to be 'a man who needed help'. Furthermore, when the Police were unable to find any information on him and found that his fingerprints were different from any others, they assumed Jesse's fingerprints had been surgically altered and that he was a big time criminal. While in a cell with several other inmates, Jesse dealt with another criminal who demanded cigarettes from him - earning the fear/respect of the other inmates. While discussing his actions with his attorney, he learns he will spend 10 years behind bars for the theft - although his attorney suggests they plead insanity; sending Jesse to Dr Laura Rowlands (the prison psychiatrist) to be tested.

Upon learning from Control that sometimes the justice system on Earth doesn't always work, Jesse decides to solve the problem himself; beginning by successfully breaking out of prison and going to Dr Laura for help with locating Felix due to her understanding how the human mind works. Checking out the details at the Police station, she discovers that Felix does exist and has a criminal record due to committing fraud. Heading to a bar where Felix usually frequents, the pair wait for Felix to arrive - with Laura teaching Jesse how to play pool although Jesse's superhuman strength causes a lot of damage when he does the break. When Felix did arrive, Jesse confronted him before having to fight off Felix's henchmen. After defeating them, Jesse confronted again - who explained that his boss Kohler (a big time bookie) had it after he lost the money betting on several games.  

Heading to Kohler's office and taking Felix inside with him despite Dr Laura's plea for Jesse not to take the law into his own hands, Jesse forced his way inside Kohler's office and demanded the money back - with Kohler refusing and calling his security to deal with Jesse while he tried to escape with Felix as a hostage. After beating Kohler's security, Jesse followed the pair to the elevator - forcing the doors open before using his strength to pull the descending elevator back up. While Kohler's attention was focused on Jesse, Felix disarmed him to stop him from shooting Jesse and helped him recover the missing money from Kohler's briefcase. Letting Felix climb out of the elevator as a thank you for stopping Kohler from shooting him, Jesse let the elevator go with Kohler stuck inside.

Although he explained to Laura that he had retrieved the money, Jesse refused to hand himself over to the police - stating that he had to do what was right for him. Before leaving, he thanked her for her help and for playing Pool with him, which he described as 'fun' (an emotion he had never felt before). Control later deleted Jesse's file (including his photograph and fingerprints) from the Police computers, while Jesse and Control proceeded to return the missing $50,000 into one of the ATMs they robbed previously.

Loss of ControlEdit

Jesse and Control venture to Disneyland in Florida - with Control mistaking the idea of people coming to Disneyland to "be young again" to mean that people come to the location to have their aging process reversed back to their childhood using 'magic'. Looking around - and after an incident involving upsetting a child who wanted Control (disguised at the time as a balloon) - the pair split up, with Control eventually going into an arcade and playing the video games before trying to play several at once as he feels that they aren't challenging enough. However, this causes him to short out the entire arcade and himself, with another child named Jonathan finding and putting Control in his bag. This is witnessed by Jesse as he passes by the arcade on another ride, as he tries but fails to get Control back as he sees Jonathan and his family leaving Disneyland in a car.

Going to the Police, Jesse tries to get help to find his 'friend' but is unable to provide the police with a description of Control due to not being able to tell them that Control isn't human. Despite being embarrassed by Jesse after she got the officer's attention to try to help him out, a reporter named 'Sullivan' decides to try and help Jesse to find Control; with the pair successfully identifying the vehicle used by Jonathan's family. Elsewhere, Jonathan examines him along with a friend - believing Control to be a new and futuristic video game. This changes, however, when Control interacts with Jonathan's computer and tells him to 'Get Jesse' as he needs help. Jonathan's parents find out about Control, however, and call a friend to investigate. When Control begins to display a series of numbers on the computer, their friend - Herb - misinterprets the numbers as scrambled launch codes. Overhearing his parents talking about taking Control apart and getting the police involved, Jonathan tries to take Control somewhere else.

When Jesse and Sullivan arrive in the family's neighborhood, Jesse convinces her to go inside the house and see if Control is inside due to the police been present (with Sullivan unable to get any information), while Jesse talks to Jonathan's friend - who tries to find Jonathan when Jesse reveals who he is. Although Jesse is told by Jonathan's friend to meet him at the park, the police find Jonathan first and bring him back home and is questioned by the Police - with Control been taken away by Herb and Jesse having to pursue him as he heads to a science lab to examine Control. Jesse, meanwhile, breaks into the Lab and manages to rescue Control before escaping; heading back to Disneyland to try and fix Control.

He is joined at Disneyland by Jonathan - who convinced his family to head back - who meets up with Jesse as he manages to use an electrical cable to bring Control back online; with Control thanking Jonathan for helping him. However, Control's enjoyment of absorbing the energy from the cable comes to an abrupt end when he absorbs too much and causes the entire park to black out.

Helping the YoungEdit

While walking through a neighborhood, Jesse witnesses an elderly man been attacked by three thugs and - at Control's request - fends them off, with the man offering Jesse a job mowing his lawn. During this job, he meets Erin - a teenager whose father and stepmother have kicked out as a form of 'tough love' due to Erin's behavior (including lying, stealing, doing drugs and skipping school), although when Jesse and Erin talk later at a diner, Erin claims that her stepmother's rules were too strict to the point where she felt like she was in prison. When two police officers arrive - Officer Stoff and Officer Rollman - Erin leaves, with Jesse unable to pay for the meal and having to flee from the police. Feeling guilty for her actions, Erin helps Jesse escape and leads him to a hideout in an abandoned church for her and other homeless/runaway kids.

When seeing how Erin and the other children earn money in order to live, Jesse is disturbed to see that Officers Stoff and Rollman are both crooked cops who are using the homeless children to rob houses and other places. With his warrior skills no use in the situation, Jesse resolves to try and help Erin and her family solve their issues and reunite. His first attempt to recover Erin is thwarted due to the corrupt officers - who chase him onto the roof of the church and unsuccessfully try to shoot him, with the officers later planning with Erin to steal industrial diamonds from her Dad's workplace.

Visiting her parents house, Jesse explains what Erin is doing and that he would like to help with 'negotiating' Erin's return home - telling Erin when he eventually finds her. The negotiation between Erin and her family fails, however, with Erin storming out and angrily stealing one of her Dad's keys to help the crooked cops steal industrial diamonds. When Jesse meets her the next day and talks to her, he gives her a flower she planted in her garden before using his own situation to convince her to change - stating "if we don't learn to live within the rules, there's no place for people like us". Taking his words to heart, Erin reveals what the police are planning to do, with her and Jesse heading to her father's work to help her dad and stop the theft.

Their attempt almost fails when the crooked cops catch Jesse and force the kids to carry on with the crime. Thanks to a taxi driver ringing the police when Jesse and Erin didn't pay him, however, the crooked cops decide to flee with Erin and her father in a helicopter; injuring one of the two homeless boys when they get angry about been left behind and knocking Jesse out before handcuffing him to a pickup truck. Jesse wakes up, however, and pulls the truck towards the helicopter before grabbing onto it and using his strength to keep it down (holding onto the truck and then a trailer when his handcuffs snap) until the second Police unit arrives. With the corrupt cops arrested, Erin returns happily to her family - with Jesse expressing his envy to Control about himself been so far from home, although Control expresses hope that someday Jesse will return.

Serving a CountryEdit

After losing yet another job due to accidentally ripping off the bonnet cover of a car, Jesse remembers a commercial he saw about joining the Army. He proposes the idea to Control - stating both that it's a job that will be suitable for his warrior skills and that it will be something positive to report back to the council as he will be helping people - with Control notably unhappy with Jesse's decision but reluctantly agreeing that it's a suitable idea.

Surviving AssassinationEdit


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Aliens Among UsEdit


Wish Come TrueEdit


Personality Edit

Information is revealed about Jesse's life throughout the series. It's stated that he left home at a young age due to preparing for the war, having a rough childhood with him surviving various contests and participating in many battles - including surviving the battlefields of Andarius and successfully leading a battle-group to victory at a location called Zeneb. After the war's end, he was decorated as a hero for his actions and managed to start a family, but found that most others didn't care about what he or his fellow warriors had done - with him been surprised during his time in exile that a similar situation occurs to soldiers on Earth. It's also implied that racism may not happen on Jesse's world - as he points out during a conversation with an African American woman that where he was raised, "the color of one's face had no meaning" (although he adds "we had no faces", which raises more questions about what his biology was before his transformation into a human form).

Upon his exile to Earth, Jesse was headstrong and independent with few emotions. He was also quick to anger and become frustrated, often taking out these frustrations on Control. He is also rather stubborn and self-defeatist, due to initially believing that he is incapable of changing his ways despite vowing to return home to his family. As time went on and he spent more time with humanity, however, he began to develop a more caring attitude and actively began to change himself from his violent beginnings.

Jesse is shown to find humans repulsive in appearance, including his own human form, although Control assures him he'll get used to it. Before leaving Karen, for instance, he apologizes for her 'being so ugly' - with Karen shouting after him "Well - next time, I'll wear makeup!". He also struggles with many aspects of human culture and how humanity functions, which is made more confusing by Control getting his information wrong or using information that is out of date.


Powers/Abilities Edit

In his original form, his body was humanoid and covered in armour for his role as a warrior. He was shown to be large and strong, with no ability to feel physical pain.

Upon becoming human, he retained his great strength, agility and combat skills - been able to lift up and throw objects heavier than a human could lift on their own and been able to overpower even multiple humans with ease.


Jesse's aggressive and headstrong nature is arguably his greatest weakness, as it can often get him into trouble and was the main reason why he was exiled to Earth in the first place.

As a result of being in a human body, Jesse is now vulnerable to been in physical pain. A further disadvantage of this is that Jesse is just as vulnerable to human weapons such as guns, with him either having to work out a way to avoid getting shot, surrendering or having help from someone else - such as when Control saved him from getting shot by temporarily freezing time.

If Jesse loses the crystal that maintains his life essence in his human form, he will slowly grow weaker and weaker until death unless he recovers it.     



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