The Jenets are a race of rodentoids native to the Outer Rim planet Tau Sakar IV. They have pale pink skin, deep red eyes, and white fur. By almost every galactic standard, the Jenets are considered ugly and quarrelsome.

Jenets have large ears and noses, and have developed keen senses of hearing, smell, and sight. These senses allow them to gather food, and their digestive system is adaptable enough to allow them to eat just about anything. Thus, they are often found scavenging for food rather than hunting for it. The Jenet race is also physically adept, and can run, jump, climb, and swim when needed. Jenets can also dislocate their limbs in order to squeeze into small spaces. Descended from rodents, they have vast memories, and are often considered truculent and argumentative due to their images of own self-importance. However, the Jenet culture prohibits an individual from introducing themselves, as a way to prevent fraudulent credentials from being passed. Because of this, two Jenet may never learn each other's names, unless introduced by a third party. Instead, Jenets often greet each other with insults, as a matter of tradition. They are also extremely reproductive, and nearly wiped themselves out of existence due to overpopulation. They were not immune to Palpatine's subjugation of alien species during his reign as Emperor, and were forced to work in mines dug on their homeworld.

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