The Jehetma are a race of fungoids who call the frigid and tundra-like world of Jehet Prime home.

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Biology[edit | edit source]

The Jehetma "individual" isn't a singular being, they are actually a colony of sapient fungi. These colonies can grow and live indefinitely and sometimes large and more ancient colonies can cover huge swaths of a planets surface. These types of colonies rarely if ever leave the world they formed on since there are few ships able to carry them. After attaining sentience the Jehetma formed smaller colonies in order to grasp and explore their world. These smaller colonies are more dynamic, mobile and often tend to head research and development among'st the entire collective. They are often called upon to defend their worlds and the defenseless larger colonies.

Culture & Government[edit | edit source]

Once they started to colonize other worlds, the Jehetma formed the Jehetma Dominion, a Collective type of government ruled by an elected monarch. The Dominion is strictly pacifist in nature, never going on the offensive and preferring to rely on defense. Most living in the dominion defend nature as if they're own people and rarely would do anything to destroy or harm it in anyway.

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