A cave painting on Viltvodle VI illustrating the Jatravartids' legends about the creation of the Universe. Note the rendering of what appears to be a Jatravartid on the top right.

Jatravartids are a sapient extraterrestrial species of small, blue creatures with twenty-five sets of arms. They are native to the planet Viltvodle VI and are notable for their religious belief that the universe was created by the sneezing of a giant, long-nosed primordial creature called the Great Green Arkleseizure, as illustrated on ancient cave paintings on their planet. They fear the apocalyptic event that will some day arrive, which they refer to as the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief.

Although popular since cavemen days among their species, this view of the universe is said to be not well accepted outside of Viltvodle VI. They did manage to get followers from other species, though - most notably the missionary and presidential candidate Humma Kavula. Besides the Arkleseizure theory these multiple armed creatures are also known as the only sapient species for which the invention of the deodorant spray came before that of the wheel. The aerosol deodorant seems still very popular on their planet, with dozens of discarded empty cans being visible on the ground.

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