Jathro Pel Stannic Paha Paha Kooth also known as Technician Jathro 15 of Subsection Alpha Grex 9 was the son of Chancellor Kooth, a member of the Nekross race and a technician onboard the Zarantulus. He along with The Nekross King, Varg, Lexi and several other Nekross travelled the universe in the Zarantulus searching for Enchanted planets for their food source: Magic. They have taken magic from every planet they've encountered except one: Earth, but a teenage wizard named Tom Clarke protects the planet's magic from them. Unknown to the other Nekross, Jathro was secretly conspiring with Kooth in their plan to overthrow the Royal family and rule their planet Nekron for herself. Whilst Kooth distracted the Royals with the Contest of Devourment, Jathro stole The Catromeister of Quatrozeen which gave Kooth control of an armada of Nekross ships. In the battle that follows, Tom drinks raw magic that gives him the power to sweep away Jathro and his ships whilst Kooth is eaten alive by the King.

However, Jathro was able to survive this by using an escape pod and landed on Earth where he used a Form Filter to take on a human form of a astrophysicist named Adam Wright. He then went to Brook Mill radio telescope and put the scientists there in a trace. Sometime later, Jathro tricked Tom's Unenchanted friend Benny Sherwood into helping him get the Quantum Light which after revealing his true form, reveals that he will use it to equal his genius and bring Earth to it's knees as revenge for being bullied and treated like a fool all his life and plans to use the Quantum Light to create a solar storm. He then sees Varg and his wife Lady Lyzera and panics thinking at the former will obliterate him (for his previous betrayal) and takes off with a flash drive containing codes, but Tom, his grandmother Ursula and Benny catch up with him. Jathro learns that the effects the Quantum Light has on Unenchanteds which causes them to disappear after noticing that Benny keeps fading. Benny says that he can send the Quantum Light back out into space, but has to go back to the control room, but due to his body being so weak, Ursula casts an Enchantment of Essence which puts Benny in Tom's body. Jathro then turns back into Adam and lures Varg, Lyzera and their guards out of the control room to take them to Tom. However, Jathro's cover is blown when Varg discovers his Form Filter and deactivates it. Varg prepares to kill the traitorous Nekross, but Jathro claims he was brought into this by Tom and leads them to him. But Benny, having returned to his own body, releases the Quantum Light back into space and then uses a reprogrammed Trackerbug to send Jathro, Varg, Lyzera and the guards back to the Zarantulus. After getting back there, Jathro is brought to Varg and Lyzera to decide what to do with him. Lyzera suggests making Jathro a jester to her pet bird Eelix whilst Varg suggests making him bird food.

Sometime later, when Varg notices that the magic stored in the Zarantulus is disappearing, he sends Jathro to find out why. Jathro discovers that Lyzera is a sorceress after coming across her Sorceress Zone and tells this to Varg who thinks he's lying and brings him to Lyzera who says that Jathro is mad, so with that Varg has Jathro taken away by guards. Later, Jathro makes a clone Key of Bones from a piece from the real one Lyzera took. Lyzera then tells him to feed Eelix but Jathro tells her that there are no beetroo bugs (which Eelix eats) left. With that Lyzera kills Jathro by turning him into beetroo bugs as punishment for betraying her and feeds the bugs to Eelix.


Jathro had red skin with brown eyes and two antenna. He wore dark blue armor with spikes on the shoulder pads and a black cape.

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