Jerret Pantophage
Biography Information
Homeworld Unknown
Species Pantophage
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Occupation King
Personality Cruel
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10
Appearances Alexander Polinsky
Jarrett is the king of Pantophages, who first appeared in the Ben 10, episode Con of Rath.

History Edit

When Ben Tennyson is assigned to deliver a baby Lewodan named, Tiffin to an unknown planet and make a peace treating. However when they give him to Jarret, he mindlessly ate poor Tiffin but Ben who's in the alien form of an Appoplexian called Rath, soon saved the infant by going down Jarret's throat and broke his upper teeth in the process. As Jarrett threatened war against the Lewodens, only for Rath to then threatened him by saying that he'll have his intestines knitted into a sweater before making him scared enough to a peace resolution.

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