Alien Species

This sapient humanoid race resembles Humans, except they are diminutive in size. Jarra, a criminal who tried to steal Earth's ozone layer, was a member of this species.


Jarra's species are humanoids with Human-like heads, bearing pale skin, yellow eyes, green irises, and somewhat bulging foreheads that give their eyes a vaguely skeletal appearance. Below their necks, their bodies are very scrawny and small, making their whole bodies only about the size of a Human torso, and they only have three fingers per hand. Their natural method of locomotion is unknown, as the only known member of this species utilized a hover device for movement that obscured any legs he had.

Culture and society[]

Little is known of the society of this species, but they are known to use large trench coats to conceal their bodies and make them appear like much taller beings. Given that their only known member, Jarra, was a criminal, it is likely his actions of causing severe harm to planetary environments are not representative of his species.



Jarra's hover device and mini-clones

Jarra's species has access to advanced technology, including spacecraft that can travel far faster than light, or at least the principles of such crafts. Additionally, this species is able to create miniature clones of their members, which appear to have low intelligence and speak in high-pitched voices. Additionally, for easier locomotion, members of this species utilize titanium-plated hovering devices somewhat shaped like flying saucers that they sit in, and these saucers can be equipped with various robotic arms, operated by a series of levers. While small, these saucers can also carry the weight of an adult Human. The fuel for the saucers is unknown, but it combusts in a blue explosion.


In 1997, a male member of this species, named Jarra, attempted to steal Earth's ozone layer to sell it on the black market, but was foiled by J, a Human agent of the Men in Black (MIB). Jarra was then imprisoned by the MIB for 5 years and 43 days, every day growing more and more bitter towards J. In 2002, Jarra and other alien prisoners on Earth were released by a female Kylothian named Serleena, who sought to claim the power of the Light of Zartha and managed to capture MIB headquarters. Serleena had managed to capture Laura Vasquez, daughter of Zarthan princess Lauranna, who possessed a bracelet that was supposedly the Light of Zartha. To get the Light to Kyloth, Serleena had Jarra use scrap in the facility to build a one-person spacecraft capable of traveling 300 times the speed of light, in exchange for luring J to Jarra for revenge. Jarra finished the ship and strapped Laura into it just before J broke into the room, where Jarra confronted J and threw off his cloak, revealing that he had created several mini-clones, declaring that if J wanted to get to Laura, he'd have to do it over Jarra's dead body. Jarra then had his mini-clones attack J as the ship prepped its automated takeoff function, disarming J and knocking him around, with J eventually destroying all but one mini-clone. J then managed to jump on Jarra, and got him to crash into the last mini-clone, destroying both aliens in an explosion and allowing J to free Laura.


  • Men in Black II (2002)