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The Jarells are a humanoid species native to the planet Oon Tien in the Kathol sector. They developed a primitive society on their homeworld, organized into matriarchal city-states, before contact with colony ships from the Galactic Republic approximately three centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War. Jarells are a historically violent species; the various monarchies that ruled Jarell society forced their own young into periods of indentured servitude in exchange for weapons and technology. Since their discovery by the Republic, Jarells have migrated to several other planets in the Kathol sector, and are often found serving private citizens, corporations, and criminal organizations as hired muscle.

Biology and appearance[]

Jarells are large humanoids with great strength. They have mottled skin, which is predominantly purple and white, but include blue patches on the arms and forehead. Cranial ridges are present on their heads, starting at the brow and running over the scalp to the back of their heads. Instead of a mouth, Jarells possess multi-tentacled mouthparts. Several small bony growths sprout on their elbows, and their fingers terminate in sharp claws.

Society and culture[]

Jarells are ruled by monarchies, divided into various city-states across their homeworld of Oon Tien. A historically violent species, Jarells are considered to be dim-witted by other beings. However, Jarells are actually a creative and perceptive species, with excellent memories and a tradition of oral storytelling. They speak Jarellian, a language that has several different dialects, but no written form.

Following contact with the outside galaxy, many of the planet's monarchies made arrangements for young Jarells to serve periods of indentured servitude to corporations, private citizens, criminal organizations, and even Imperial governors as hired muscle and general servants. The length of service was usually between seven and eleven years, and while it was essentially slavery, young Jarells were socialized to accept this as a natural period of their lives. They saw it as a period of maturation, symbolizing their transition from child to adult. While few Jarells actually ever profited from the arrangement, they hoped that their servitude would introduce them to beings who could make them powerful, or help them acquire wealth. As a result, young Jarells on the cusp of their service looked forward to the time with excitement and purpose. While generally loyal to their employers, some Jarells were willing to undermine them if it would benefit them to do so.


Jarells originated on the planet Oon Tien in the Kathol sector. The species lived in monarchic city-states and had a knowledge of basic metal-working when they were first contacted by colony ships from the Galactic Republic approximately three hundred years before the Galactic Civil War.

Although technologically primitive, the Jarell monarchies began trading gemstones and periods of indentured servitude from their young in exchange for weapons and other high-technology items. The weapons were used by the monarchies in a series of armed conflicts and revolutions that changed Jarell society, although the fighting never spread to any of the Human settlements on the planet.

Following contact with the Republic, Oon Tien became a vital part of the Kathol sector, with manufacturing and agriculture being important parts of its industry. Jarells settled on other worlds in the Kathol sector, including Kolatill, Pembric II, and Corjain.

Jarells in the galaxy[]

Jarells are found in the Kathol sector, usually engaged in their period of indentured servitude to whomever has contracted their services. These jobs take advantage of the Jarells' strength and historically violent nature.