General Information
Homeworld Avalon
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe CrossGen Universe

The Janissaries are a breed of the Lesser Race that exist on the planet Avalon in the CrossGen Universe.

Biology Edit

The Janissaries appear to be genetically engineered primates. Majority of them appear to be based on gorillas, baboons, and other monkey species.

History Edit

The Janissaries were originally created by the Raven Dynasty. Bred to become a new kind of shock trooper for their armies, but the Janissaries proved to be too aggressive and rebelled escaping into the mountains, becoming bandits.

After Ethan of Heron and Skink, rescued Ashleigh, the trio were shortly attacked by the Janissaries who heard word of the disowned princess of the Raven Dynasty. They sought revenge against the blood of who created them. However Ethan managed to kill their leader, prompting the rest of the Janissaries to retreat.

Ethan would meet the Janissaries again in the Raven Dynasty, searching for his lost father. The bandits attacked them, but halted upon seeing who Ethan was. Ethan offered them his hand in friendship and a place in newly found Sanctuary.

When the Trigris attacked Sanctuary Island, the peaceful island became a war zone. The freed slaves of the Lesser Races led by Ethan attempted to fight back, but were hindered by their lack of experienced warriors and level of technology against the automatons armies of the Tigris. The Janissaries came to their aid, deciding to join the fight against the machines, seeing it worse than being enslaved at the hands of humans.

The Janissaries were later armed with ancient technologies from the Heron Dynasty's dark past. Together they launched a strike against the Tigris motherfleet, prompting all invasion fleets in both the Heron and Raven Dynasties to pull back.

Culture Edit

The Janissaries were designed for one purpose to wage war. Due to their artificial creation and aggressive nature, they felt alienated by not only humans, but by the other Lesser Races, who saw them as abominations.

Appearances Edit

  • Scion Issue 015 (2001)
  • Scion Issue 038 (2003)
  • Scion Issue 042 (2004)
  • Scion Issue 043 (2004)
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