The Jallians were a race hailing from planet Jall.

Physiology Edit

The Jallians are a race of slug-like sentients with multiple arms. Males are typically smaller than the females.

History Edit

The Jallians have been fighting for against their neighbors the Inner Worlders of the Inner World, for an indefinite reason. The Jallians and the Inner Worlders lacked Z-Space engines, but are capable of space travel to some degree, much more than Humans.

The Ellimist temporarily ended the conflict between the Inner Worlders and Jallians by blocking the space between their two homeworlds. However after the Ellimist left, the Inner Worlders launched thousands of Nuclear Mines toward the Jall. While most failed to reach Jall, enough got through the asteroid field to wipe out the Jallians.

Culture Edit

They appear to have a caste system similar to ants, with their leader is referred to as Mother.

Source Edit

  • The Ellimist Chronicles
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