The Jairs are a sapient race from the planet Boda in The High Crusade.

Biology Edit

The Jair are bipeds, slender and graceful, with soft gray fur covering their bodies and a white ruff around their heads. They have cat-whiskered faces and enormous purple eyes.

History Edit

The Jairs possess about eight millennia of history and have been a spacefaring culture for two centuries.

The Jairs were involved in a skirmish with the Wersgorix over Uloz IV. Later in 1345 they formed an alliance with the Englishmen and various other races to overthrow the Wersgorix.

Culture Edit

The Jairs were one of the few races that were able to stand against the Wersgor, though not completely possessing the power to prevent them from claiming more planets. The Jairs were a peaceful race ruled by the Jair Republic that deplored warfare and refused to colonize other worlds containing other sapient life.

Appearances Edit

  • The High Crusade, by Poul Anderson (1960)
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