Jade Chime Singers are an intelligent, uplifted extraterrestrial species native to planet Chorus in the Orion's Arm universe. They are most notably known to be the only extant sapient species native to a chlorine-rich world.[1]

Biology Edit

Anatomy and physiology Edit

A Jade Chime Singer has bilateral symmetry and an endoskeleton. It has eight limbs, with two-joints and six digits each, and has quadrupedal and plantigrade motion. A typical Jade Chime Singer is shorter than a human, but masses about 200 kg.

The head is not a distinct part of the body, as it has no neck, and is equiped with six eyes and a weird, insect-like mouth with manipulatory appendages suited for an omnivorous diet.

Anatomically, the eyes are less complex than that of a human, since they have neither pupil nor directional mobility. Nevertheless, these organs are much more sensitive to light, allowing a Jade Chime Singer to see colors within very dim environments. To compensate for the lack of directional mobility, the six eyes are divided into three pairs looking at different directions.

Skin is warty and mottled, and looks orange to human vision. To infrared-sensitive species however, a Jade Chime Singer is a brightly-colored creature.

Biochemistry and environmental requirements Edit

Jade Chime Singers are carbon-based lifeforms, but use disolutions of hydrochloric acid instead of near-pure water. In fact, water that is potable to a human causes alkaline burns in a Jade Chime Singer, but consumption of hydrochloric acid concentrations greater than 70% is as harmful. They can die if they do not breathe chlorine concentrations of 3% and oxygen concentrations of 20%.

To some extent, humans are sturdier than Jade Chime Singers, since the former ones cannot tolerate accelerations greater than 0.4 gees. However, the atmospheric pressure that a Jade Chime Singer is adapted to is two times greater.

Diet Edit

A Jade Chime Singer has an omnivorous diet. Chlorocarbons and metals are essential nutrients.

Reproduction and gender Edit

Jade Chime Singers are a sexually-reproducing, dioecious species, born either male or female. Sexual dimorphism is noticeable in comparing size, voice pitch, pigmentation and anatomy. Males are shorter and have deeper voices, whilst females are more brightly colored and have more elaborate horns, tubercles and warts.

References Edit

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