Jacob "Jake" Rowlin or Hur is the main protagonist on Marcus Malone's Firefall.

History Edit

Originally a promising weapons systems engineer, Jake fell into hard times after the Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. He lived in Wisconsin making ends meet, until his old friend Tom Strider called him out to drink. He went out with Tom on what was suppose to be a guy's night out, except in reality Tom had delivered Jake to a group of aliens called the Creatures from the Sister World to be taken to Mure.

He found himself in a strange alien world, upon meeting the Lily People of the plateau in which he found himself in, he learned that they had called him Hur, a wizard that would end the harvest of the their people. Unsure of his stance, Jake was accepted into the Lily People, and he enjoyed their peaceful and gentle natures. He became close to one of the women of the Lily People, Terasel, who became smitten with him.

When the Tower People sent to him to be invited to a feast at the Tower, he accepted despite many of the Lily Peoples' protests. There he saw for himself of the horrible truth that the Lily People were butchered at the time of harvest to feed the appetites of the Tower People.

He insult the Great One for the atrocities his people committed, condemning him to the Tower's dungeons, but the act was moot as the willots freed him. After getting in contact with the willot Chesoon, he learned that the willots were the ones that were responsible for the Sister World in bringing him to Mure. As it turns out they needed someone to take the role of Hur, so that he may lead the Lily People to reject the harvest. The plan was to force the Great One and the Tower People to launch firefall upon the herd, in which the willots would stage a revolution against them. They offered an alliance with the Lily People, but Jake refused to involve them in a brutal war that would threaten their peaceful natures.

He was returned to the Lily People, the willots concocting a story that he had vanished with his 'magic'. Finally taking on the identity of Hur, Jake rallied the Lily People to reject the harvests. In return the Great One came personally to Lily Pond to demand the entire herd be taken, but was easily dispatch with a punch by Jake. The willot guards took the Great One back to the Tower, but warned him of the approaching firefall that would begin.

Using his skills, and with the help of five of the harvest survivors: Terasel, Avet, Dennon, Shurry and Jenseen managed to acquire five giant flowers from the forests to use as crude shelters for the herd to protect them from firefall.

After firefall had passed and the Tower People busy with the willot rebellion, Jake decided to stay on Mure to make a life with Terasel. After impregnating her with his child, they officially became a couple, with Jake raising Terasel's son Hemmit as his own.

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