Jackal Mastiff
Jackal Mastiff
General Information
Homeworld Qo'noS
Habitat Unknown (possibly tundra)
Height Same as dogs (approximately)
Diet Carnivorous (presumed)
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Language Unknown (likely none)
Subspecies/Races Targ (possibly)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek

Jackal Mastiffs are domesticated mammalianoids native to the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS. They are used as guard animals by the Klingons, and are found guarding the prisoners on the penal asteroid Rura Penthe.

Jackal Mastiffs are similar to a combination of a dog and a boar, and greatly resemble two other domesticated Klingon creatures: the Klingon Monster Dog and the Targ. It is more than likely that these three creatures represent different breeds or subspecies of the same species - or are closely related at least. The dense, white fur covering displayed by the Jackal Mastiff indicates that it may be native to tundra regions of its homeworld.

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