Tem Ellis
The Iyra are a race of tentacled cephalopods native to the planet F'tral. These sapient ocean-dwellers have developed vast underwater cities. Averaging a meter in diameter, the Iyra have a large mouth on their ventral side and several eyestalks on the dorsal side. For each tentacle an Iyra has, there is usually one eyestalk. As an Iyra matures, it grows more tentacles and eyestalks. They have an impressive technology, creating corrosion-resistant materials as well as gravitic and inertial devices for starships. They have established a caste system dependent upon the number of tentacles and eyestalks an individual has, thereby guaranteeing that each individual will continually improve their position in life. The more tentacles, the higher their position in society. Thus, they are very contemptuous of humanoid and other legged alien races. They are able to survive outside the oceans of F'tral by filling starship cabins with a mixture of gases and water vapor that keep their skin moist and maintain chemical balances.
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