The Ix'ldar are a race of pony sized insectoids that dwell in the many nests and burrows that dot the landscape of Ix'Athrak.

Arthropoid massive 12

Biology Edit

The Ix'ldar body structure may hint that the species maybe are in fact arachnids due to their two segmented bodies, lack of or barely noticeable antennae, and their four limbs on each side. Much of their bodies is fleshy and soft with a shell-like carapace protecting the back end and the underbelly. They sport two large black eyes(usual in arachnoids) and a pair of shorty and stubby mandibles. The Ix'ldar interact with their environment with two skinny claw-like appendages protruding from their fleshy body. Despite their appearance, they are pretty strong and resilient but they tend to die alot early unlike their cousins. The Ix'ldar are linked through a hivemind.

Society/History Edit

Despite their hivemind background, their species are more likened to terrestrial ants with their species separated into broods led by queens. The queens, workers, and soldiers are all connected through a natural neural network that allows them to pool their knowledge and abilities. The Ix'ldar society revolve around their underground livelihood. Their species spends most of their lives in their nests and burrows either building new structures for the hive and their individual brood. In fact it took them until they reach a technological level akin to a iron age did they realized that their was a surface to their homeworld. Once they had knowledge of the surface world, they quickly conquered their cold unforgiving planet and began sending probes throughout the Ix'lm system in just a few short centuries.

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