It! The Terror from Beyond Space

It! The Terror from Beyond Space

IT! The Terror From Beyond Space

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The creature with prey

It is a Martian creature who appeared in the 1958 film It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Physical AspectsEdit

It is a non-sapient species from the planet Mars. It is a reptilian humanoid predator that consumes nutritious fluids (usually from living animals). to adapt to the harsh terrain of Mars, they developed very tough skin (can withstand blowtorches, grenades, bullets, and shells from bazookas) and great strength (can break through steel doors). 

Interactions with humanityEdit

In 1973, humanity sent the first manned mission to Mars. there was one survivor, Col. Edward Carruthers. A rescue mission was sent for the astronaut, and they retrieved him, but It managed to stow away on the ship. It sneaked through the ventilation system and managed to kill several crewmembers, sucking all of the fluids from their bodies.

Eventually the monster was discovered, but the crew found no effective strategies against It, eventually trapping it on the bottom deck, they found that the blast doors could only temporarily hold the beast at bay. Eventually the crew decided to open the airlock, sucking It into deep space, where It, presumably, asphyxiated.

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