Alien Species

The Issori are amphibious, carnivorous humanoids indigenous to Issor. Members of the species are oviparous; the female Issori lay eggs which are fertilized by an agent packet produced by a male, and their social caste-system is directly related to their reproduction.

The caste ranking of the female determine that of their young, whereas the caste ranking of the fertilizing male determine the offspring's rank within the caste. The male's caste is also integral in regulating any political alliances between the families involved, which is important, as all breedings are negotiated for political purposes. A Whoon-Cha is an intra-caste breeding where two members of the nobility breed to strengthen both family's standing within the ruling caste. A Whoon-Li is an inter-caste breeding in one realm involving a noble and a more common caste. A Vuin-Cha is a breeding of nobles from different realms. A Vuin-Li (a noble breeding with a commoner from outside the realm) rarely happen. Unsanctioned breedings of any of the previous categories, result in a vrecje (literally translated as "stranger"). They aren't considered true Issori and are slain as animals. The concept of love does not factor into Issori societal relationships. They see it as something that could result from the matchings, but which would end and was ultimately unimportant.


Issori names have three parts. The first part is the alphabetical character the family who negotiated the breeding uses to mark a political breeding union. The second part is the mother's name, and the third is the name of the child. It is chosen so that it combines with the first part of the name to create a number that symbolize prosperity.

The Odenji are an aquatic species related to the Issori.